Thursday, 20 September 2012

Garden Seafood @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Honestly, today we had no intention of eating out. My brother suddenly came to my place at 6 pm and mentioned that he had to head back to our home town of Tanjung Malim to get something from our parents and I agreed to follow.

It is such a short drive anyway, just 45 minutes toll to toll. By 7pm, we were already at my parents place and that was when I suggested that we should go out for dinner. This is one of the local restaurants in Tanjung Malim that is quite famous among all races. Despite it being a Chinese Seafood restaurant, it has the Halal status which attracts a lot of Malay crowd here, besides the usual Chinese and Indians. This place is also a favorite stop over restaurant for many of the tour operators in the country. Sometimes, even when we locals want to have our lunch or dinner, there are no available seats as buses of tourist stop by. In such cases, the owner would inform us before hand. 

Garden Seafood Restaurant

Luckily, today was not such a day. It was just having the usual weekday crowd when we arrived. In fact for this restaurant, there has been a lot of mention in the local news papers as well as magazines. The owner, a Chinese guy from our neighborhood, came up with this idea of setting up a Halal restaurant instead of the usual Chinese restaurant and today, he has no one to compete with. 

Antique Clocks on the wall
The entire restaurant has a antique taste to it. The owner is a great antique collector and he displays his collections here. They range from wall clocks, to old bicycles, gramophones and paintings. 

Sketches of Tanjung Malim in the Yesteryears
Just like the one above, there are loads of sketches on the wall hung up for display. They show the various places in the town as it was in the 60's and 70's. Very nostalgic to people like me who belong here and grew up here.

They have an extensive menu and the pricing is very reasonable, in fact cheap. As there were only four of us to dinner today, I had to be careful as not to splurge too much food on the table as I do have a tendency of doing it and have done it many times. Well, today, I decided to cut the rice just 2 bowls to be shared among four of us and this would enable us to taste more of the dishes.

Venison Meat in Black Pepper @ RM 15.00
The first dish that arrived was the Venison Meet in Black Pepper. I have dined here many times over the years and the taste of these dishes have never dwindled. Decent portion for a very decent price.

Ginger Soup with Eggs @ RM 6.00
This soup is one of their signature dishes. The quantity is good to serve 6 individual bowls with soup and yes, you saw the price right. It is just RM 6.00 . Lovely dish. Gets you sweating from the very first taste.

Hong Kong Style Kailan @ RM 10.00

This dish was something new which we tried today for the first time at this restaurant. It was good, may not be the best that I have tasted, but surely good. The price for this dish was also very reasonable in comparison to many of the places in Kuala Lumpur where I have tried it.

Honey Sotong @ RM 10.00

There was three sizes to this dish and I went with small, in fact I went small with all the dishes. Amongst all, this dish had the least amount but having in mind the number of dishes ordered, it was still okay for us. On the whole, the portion for this is a little small but still decently priced and definitely tastes good.

Ginger Chicken with Cashew Nuts @ RM 10.00
The taste for this dish was good. The only complain that I may have is that the amount of cashews could have been more to make it even better. Otherwise, taste & portion size was great.

Steamed Egg with Minced Chicken Meat @ RM 8.00
This steamed egg dish was just average. I felt that they should have made the platter less broad hence the egg would have been deeper. Here, it was thinly sliced. For a moment when they brought this my mom even asked if it was an empty plate. A joke as it may sound, it was quite thin and the meat very scatter due to this thinness. 

Homemade Tofu with Minced Chicken @ RM 8.00
This Tofu dish is a usual dish which we order here. We are generally satisfied with this dish. The tofu itself is very soft in its texture and is fresh too. Definitely should order this dish when you are here too. 

Us at our table
On the whole, it was a great dining experience. The total bill for the number of dishes and drinks came to RM 71.40 which is quite fair. We usually come here to this restaurant as it one of our favorite restaurants here in Tanjung beloved hometown. The next time we head here, would try to post other dishes and perhaps other restaurants too. Please also do note that they have some dishes for Vegetarians too.

Garden Seafood Restaurant,
No. 7-8, Jalan Wangsa Utama, Taman Wangsa,
35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 1500 ; 1800 - 2200 Daily

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