Sunday, 16 September 2012

Restoran Soon Hock @ Kampung Desa Aman, Sungai Buloh

My parents and brother returned from India today after being there for a week. I know very well that they must be yearning for good Chinese food having had Indian vegetarian meals for a week there. As such, I had been searching on the internet for some good places near Damansara Damai, which is where I live and discovered this restaurant.

At Restoran Soon Hock
All the food blogs were praising this restaurant for the taste as well as value for money. Decided to head there. The address seemed vague as most of the blogs posted them as in Desa Aman Puri and then followed by Sungai Buloh which is quite contradictory. I then tried searching for the street on my GPS and after trying for more than half an hour, I gave up. Decided to call the restaurant. Initially the line was engaged for a while and then the boss picked up, a Chinese male. 

He gave me clear and simple directions to the restaurant. Just head up to Sieramas roundabout and take 4 o' clock. Simple as that. Skeptical as I was, I followed his instructions precisely and found that there actually was a 4 o' clock turning which lead to an unpaved village road heading down. 100 meters down this road you would see this restaurant on the left. It was like it was in the middle of nowhere and the restaurant was packed, literally packed. The boss was standing outside the shop and guiding people to park their cars. He recognized me instantly as I was perhaps the only non Chinese to call and he guided us to a table.

He stood by us and recommended the dishes. I obeyed as he knows best and he was trying his best to promote the favorites at his restaurant. 

Long Beans with Salted Eggs
The first dish to arrive was the above, long beans with salted eggs. As there was only five of us and I wanted to try as many dishes as possible, he had adjusted the dish size accordingly. This dish was very good. The beans were fresh, you could still taste the sweetness from the beans and yet the outer salted egg taste was intact too. Highly recommended!

Steamed Talapia Fish. Here known as Kampong Fish
The next dish to arrive was the above Steamed Talapia Fish. Here at this restaurant, this dish is called Kampong Fish. They have two famous dish dishes, this and the Thai Styled Fish. This trip, we decided to try the above. This is the first dime I see a fish dish being served is a container as such. Besides the usual ingredients, this had loads of mushrooms, soft tofu, fried tofu and many more. At first taste, all of us fell in love with this dish. In fact, even after eating the fish, we continued to drink the sauce. It was excellent.

Kung Pow Pork
The next dish we had was the Kung Pow Pork. I know most people would order chicken for this dish style but we wanted to try something different and went with pork instead. This dish was also good. It had the right infusion of sweetness and spiciness. Loved it.

Kailan with Salted Fish
This was another dish that surprised me. The Kailan was still so green, fresh and crispy when served and yet it tasted delicious. Unlike other places, here they used a great amount of salted fish and that added to the taste greatly.

Pumpkin Soup Tofu
This is another signature dish here. There is a layer of eggs at the base followed by fried tofu's and green beans which are aligned and topped by pumpkin soup. Such a great culinary skill involved here. One has to be careful to scrape the egg of from the base and dish out with the tofu and beans and the soup. This goes very well with rice. Plain rice and just this pumpkin gravy would have been enough to stand alone as a meal. Great dish!

Curry Chicken Bun
This is another signature dish here and it came highly recommended in all the blogs that I had read about this restaurant. In fact, every table in this restaurant today had ordered this dish.

Curry Chicken Bun
 The dish was lovely. Having it is quite simple. You only eat the upper part of the bun. Its comes cut to expose the ingredients inside. Just lift the bun perforations and open the aluminium foil inside and you will find the Chicken Curry with Potato's inside. My verdict is that this dish was good. The bun itself was the best I tasted, similar to the one in Kampar but the Chicken Curry was better at the one I had in Seremban. Overall it is still a good dish and is much closer to my place than Kampar or Seremban. :)

Us Having Dinner Here
On the whole, this place was very satisfactory. The owner was very courteous and kept checking back on us  to ensure we had a great dinner. The best part was the price. The entire dinner including rice and drinks came to only RM 94.00 . Believe me, it was just that! Should I have had this dish anywhere else in Kuala Lumpur, surely it would have been much more. Honestly, I was expecting it to be around RM 180 and as he was calculating, I was holding four RM 50 notes. Truly surprised and this place comes highly recommended!

Restaurant Soon Hock 顺福
170, Batu 11, Jalan Desa Aman 6 ,
Kampung Desa Aman (near Sieramas), Selangor 47000 Malaysia
Tel: +603 6148 8973
P.S: Just follow the directions which I have given and you would never miss this shop.

Opening Hours: Not too sure what time it starts but closes at 2230 and closed on Mondays. 


  1. Open 10 closed 10 and monday closed :)

    1. Thank you for the accurate information :)