Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Africano Restaurant & Bar @ Kota Damansara

As I am on leave these days, decided to drive around Sunway Damansara area and check out the local food scene to see if there are any new places for me to try. That was when, around The Strand area, I discovered this Nigerian restaurant.

Walked in and I felt a little strange as the owner was kind of staring at me. Not a pretty sight to do to a customer. She must have thought I must be lost or looking for someone. Hehehe....perhaps because  I'm an Indian and surely she did not expect me there.

Well, since I am already here, decided to check the menu out. The shop itself was very posh. Being two stories, the ground floor was dedicated to the restaurant and the first floor is a bar selling Nigerian liquor.

The waitress came over and she had asked me what I wanted to order. Obviously I had no idea and she brought me a simple card which is supposed to be the menu. Okay...there seemed that only a few dishes are available here but surely they seemed authentic to the West African continent.

Items available were like Cows Tongue, Lamb, Beef and Yam and the variation of the dishes...regardless of the meat you choose, were few, Since I love lamb, decided to go for it. The price, RM 20 per piece of lamb which I think is very expensive.

However, it is not served separately. It would be put into a vegetable dish or a soup dish. Now, this is a separate price.  A dish of this vegetable and a piece of Semolina.....which is wheat flour cooked...which apparently is the staple dish here costs RM 5. I wanted to choose the vegetable but was told it is not available. However, only the soup was available today.

Well fine. The soup is called Egusi soup. Within a short time the food arrived.

This is the Egusi Soup. The lamb is already inserted at the base of it. The total cost of this...soup plus the lamb is RM 25.00 .

Then comes the Semolina as per the picture below.

The ideal way of eating is to dip the Semolina into the soup and have the dish. The Semolina...as there is no salt or spices added into it, tastes pretty flat. On the other hand, it was very filling too. I could only finish half of it but definitely finished the whole soup. The soup for one...was delicious.

The address of this place is:
Africano Restaurant & Bar,
No. 8-G, Jalan PJU 5/20D,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

Dear friends, kindly do take note that as of September 2013, I have come to realise that this place is closed and is no longer in business. Kindly do take note. Best regards, Venoth.

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