Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Restoran Hamid Maju @ Damansara Damai

It was just by chance that I stumbled across this restaurant today which is around my housing vicinity of Damansara Damai. I had to run some errands at that area and then along the way, just decided to have dinner here.

Restoran Hamid Maju @ Damansara Damai

We stopped and as usual, we ordered the usuals at the Mamak Restaurant, Mee Goreng Mamak and Rojak. It was a simple restaurant, just occupying a single shop lot compared to other larger restaurants within this area itself. All the workers are Indians from Tamil Nadu. 

The Interior of the Restaurant
One setback here as you can see from the photo above is that all the furnitures are all including the seats and are all stained. However the restaurant itself is very clean and I loved the deco, looked somewhat Pakistani in origin.

Teh Tarik...all time Malaysian favourite @ RM 1.20
The tea was decent...however it was just a little too sweet for me.

Mee Goreng Mamak @ RM 3.50
The Mee Goreng was indeed one of the best that I have ever tasted. The spices were so perfect and it was very spicy. One thing that I observed was that the chillies were ground and made into chilly paste and they did not use cut green chillies like in other restaurants. This dish is something that I would highly recommend at this restaurant.

Rojak @ RM 3.50
The Rojak was also excellent. The sauce did not have too much peanuts, that means it was much lower in cholesterol and it tasted great. The ingredients were well balanced between vegetables, cakes and egg. 

I would strongly recommend this restaurant to any true spicy Mee Goreng Mamak lovers out there....beware....the spiciness is beyond ordinary tolerance.... :) 

The Address:
Restoran Hamid Maju,

Opening Hours: 24 Hours


  1. What a perfect combo! Mee Goreng Mamak, Rojak and teh tarik some more!
    wow and all looks good!

    1. One of my favorite places in KL for good Mee Goreng. Well, there were two of us and so it wasn't a problem. If alone, I surely could not have finished it. :)