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Restoran Syed Amir @ Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya

Located right opposite the side entrance of Sunway University, Restoran Syed Amir is one of those Indian Muslim restaurants that serve great food at very reasonable prices. Catering mainly for the university and college students, this restaurant sells it's food at almost school canteen prices but the quality and taste of the food is far better than in most day to day Indian Muslim restaurants that we commonly patronise. 

Restoran Syed Amir in Bandar Sunway

Comes with an Air conditioned dining area

The Drinks Station
The layout is rather simple yet the restaurant is very clean. Manned by workers from the state of Tamil Nadu in India, they have picked up the Malay language and seem quite fluent with it. The restaurant is divided in to two different seating spaces, the outer one which is ventilated by ceiling fans and the inner area which is air conditioned. All food preparation happens in the outer area and the Mee Goreng station is situated along the corridors thus allowing the dining space to be undisturbed by the heat from the wok. The workers here are quite efficient as well as friendly. Even as you walk in, they are very quick to attend and the food is served quite quickly. 

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.40
Their Teh Tarik is priced at RM 1.40 per glass. The tea was absolutely good. I would rate the above Tea at 9/10 .

Teh O' Ice @ RM 1.20
As it was quite a hot evening, I ordered another glass of drink and this time it was the above Teh O' Ice. This once again was fixed very well and I would rate this at 9.2/10 .

Poori @ RM 1.00 each
I was not in the mood for rice and hence ordered the above Poori's. They had Roti Canai's but it has been long since I had some good Poori and their Poori's looked good. They were priced at RM 1.00 each and I ordered 3 of them. Their Poori's were huge, in fact when I come to think of it, two would have been good for me and they were very soft and it was tasty. Definitely some good quality Poori's. I would rate their Poori's at 9.4/10 .

Potato Perattel @ RM 2.00 per plate

Potato has always been one of my favourites and when I saw that they had Potato Perattel, I immediately ordered a plate to go with the Poori's. This dish was nicely prepared and was spiced to just the right level. The Potato's too were thinly sliced and mildly fried before the spices were added and that made it a tad better. In terms of spiciness, it was quite mild for me and that I believe would suit most people's taste buds. I would rate this preparation at 8.7/10 .

Mutton Curry @ RM 2.50 per plate

Closer Look At The Mutton Curry
I also ordered a plate of the above mutton curry. To me, this was just okay. It was decently prepared but it  lacked some spices that brought the ratings down. Do not get me wrong as this was not a bad dish but since the previous dishes were much better, I was hoping for much more from this dish and that perhaps led to a disappointment. I would rate this dish at 6/10 .

Chicken Perattel @ RM 2.50

Closer Look At The Chicken Perattel
Their Chicken Perattel was excellent. It was perfectly prepared and truly impressed me. Usually, I would only expect this quality to be delivered in the Banana Leaf restaurants but for the first time, I am coming across this quality of Chicken Perattel in an Indian Muslim restaurant. Excellent! I would rate this at 9.7/10 .

Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) Sambal
The chef had just finished preparing the above Anchovies Sambal and when he saw me enjoying the food, he brought me the above sampler to taste it and he said that I would really love it. Just as he mentioned, I really enjoyed it but I am not sure how many others would like it as it was quite spicy. This was something that he had prepared for their own consumption and it was nice of him to have shared it with me. If I was to rate this, I would give it a rating of 9.3/10 .

Overall, I find the food here to be good and if you had observed the prices, they were definitely cheap by Kuala Lumpur standards. This is definitely a restaurant that deserves to be praised. Should I be in this vicinity again, I would definitely drop by to this restaurant.

Address: No.7, Jalan Universiti,  Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 0630 - 2200 Daily

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