Saturday, 10 March 2018

Assoda Curry House @ Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur

There were so many positive reviews from my friends who had visited Assoda Curry House and they kept insisting that I should visit this restaurant. After having been hearing positive reviews from my than 20 of my friends, I decided to give this place a try. 

Assoda Curry House Located In Kampung Pandan

Moor Ice
It is quite easy to located this restaurant as it is located along the main trunk road heading in to Kampung Pandan. For those who are not familiar, Google Maps works just fine and it'll bring you right to their doorstep. It's just a very humble restaurant, not too large and the place was crowded with customers. In fact, they were full house and people were waiting in line for a table. That was how much they were in demand. I too had to wait in line and while most people were going for the Banana Leaf Rice Meal, I decided to just walk over to the counter and take some of my favourites food items on a plate. With that, I just squeezed myself into one of the chairs that was just being vacated. In a matter of minutes, my drink was served too. Despite the business, the staffs have been well trained to handle crowd and thats a good thing. I ordered a glass of Iced Moor and it was excellent. The add on's were all perfect and it was just right. My rating for this drink shall be 10/10. 

My Meal @ RM 19.00
Well, at one glance, it may seem quite pricey but if the food is as good as my friends claim, then I would definitely not mind it. I went for some Rice, Salt Fish Curry, Mutton Varuval, Sura Puttu and Potato Cutlet. Well, I think I took quite a bit too and in my opinion, it's worth the price paid if the taste is great. 

Salt Fish Curry (Karuvaatu Kulambu)

Sura Puttu (Meen Varai)
Their Salt Fish Curry was definitely amazing. It had such authentic taste that Could just drink up the curry. Similarly, their Sura Puttu was another excellent preparation. Both were so good that I have nothing to pick on. My rating for both shall be 10/10. 

Potato Cutlet

Mutton Varuval
Once again, their Potato Cutlet was so pure and full of potatoes unlike many other restaurants that make a sub-standard version of it. To me, this was one of the best that I have tasted. Similarly, their Mutton Varuval was heavenly. It has been a long time since I tasted one that was this good. Again, I shall rate both of these items at 10/10. 

My Bill
Now I realise why so many of my friends have been recommending this restaurant. The food is authentic, heavenly taste and they don't cut down on the ingredients. As a result, prices are slightly higher but you would definitely return a satisfied customer. For me, I would easily say that this restaurant serves one of the best food in Kuala Lumpur. A highly recommended South Indian restaurant. 

Address: 143, Lorong Kampung Pandan, Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 0700 - 1900 Daily

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