Friday, 2 March 2018

Restoran Khalsa Chapati House @ Kuantan, Pahang

By the time we reached Kuantan, it was pretty late at night and being the Chinese New Year holidays, finding a hotel was another challenge. Once we had settled all those, we then started looking for a place to have dinner. Because of the Chinese New Year holidays, all the famous Chinese seafood restaurants were also closed and we had no choice but to check out the restaurants in town. The one's that were open were mostly the KFC's, some Tomyam restaurants and this Restoran Khalsa Chapati House. 

Restoran Khalsa Chapati House Located Along Jalan Besar, Kuantan

Teh O Ais
Although the name indicated that it was a Punjabi restaurant, in truth it was not. Perhaps it may have once been so but now, this is an Indian Muslim restaurant. We were a little demotivated having learned that nevertheless, there is not much that we could do at this hour. The crowd seemed good and based on that alone, we decided to stay. I ordered a glass of Teh O Ais and it was just okay. My rating for this drink shall be 7/10. 

Chapati Set

Chicken Keema
Two of us had the Chapati Set which comes with two Chapati's, some Dhall and some Green Moong (Mung) Dhall. The Chapati wasn't even made using Atta Flour. It was made using standard Wheat Flour and the texture was just so so. My rating for this Chapati shall be 7/10. Their Dhall was bland and tasteless and it deserves a rating of not more than 3/10. The Green Moong (Mung) Dhall was so so. That I shall give a rating of 5/10. We had asked for Mutton Keema but they did not have that. Alternatively, they recommended their Chicken Keema and we agreed. Again, another one that was tasteless. In fact, it was so bad in taste that we all had left most of it. My rating for this shall again be 3/10. 


Mee Goreng
The Omelette with onions and chili was just awesome. Truly, it was so good that we had ordered two more. My rating for this shall be 9/10. My brother had ordered a plate of Mee Goreng and this too turned out to be good. Very old school style of preparation and my rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Although this restaurant carries a Punjabi name, the operators are all Indian Muslims. Having been deceived by the name, we tried their Chapati's and they were just so so. The curries and the Chicken Keema was horrendous. The only thing good was their Mee Goreng and Omelette.

Address: 98, Jalan Besar, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang.

Business Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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