Friday, 16 March 2018

Restoran Hoe Mun Kee (PJ) Steamed Fish Head @ Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Another restaurant that is extremely famous for their Steamed Bonito Fish Head would be Restoran Hoe Mun Kee (PJ) Steamed Fish Head that is located along Jalan Penchala, Petaling Jaya. I hardly venture around this side of town and this place coma highly recommended. So, we decided to take a drive this afternoon to see is this restaurant is living up to it's reputation. 

The Restaurant Along Jalan Penchala
Finding the restaurant is rather easy as it is located by the side of the road. The challenge however would be in finding a bay to park. Luckily we arrived quite early and that being the case, we could find a bay not too far from this restaurant. 

The above are their standard and specialty dishes that are on offer. However, you could order some customised dishes as well. Nevertheless, these are the main dishes that this restaurant is famous for. The owner is quite a chatty person and would always like to recommend new dishes. Just as we struck a conversation this afternoon, he recommended us to try three of his signature dishes. Of course, there are more to try but since there were two of us only, he decided to stop with three as it makes no sense in forcing us to go for more dishes. The place was clean and since it was a rather open concept, the breeze was good. Despite having quite a number of customers, the wait wasn't too long. 

Thai Style Squid @ RM 28.00

Ipoh Bean Sprouts @ RM 13.00
This Thai Style Squid was a very unique preparation that I have never come across before. They were steamed is a base sauce that predominantly had bird eye chilies as it's main ingredients. Very spicy in taste but it had a sour aftertaste. The fresh tender squid surely added glory to this dish. A must try dish at this restaurant and my rating for this dish shall be 10/10. Similarly, their Ipoh Bean Sprouts was good as well. Fresh, thick and juicy Bean Sprouts were prepared with a dash of sauces and served with some crunchy peanuts. Another unique dish that we thoroughly enjoyed. My rating for this dish shall be 8/10. 

Steamed Bonito Fish Head @ RM 35.00
Their Steamed Bonito Fish Head was another treat. Not too expensive as well and at the same time, not as cheap as the one that we had in Seri Kembangan New Village. Nevertheless, taste wise, this was something else. The fish was sweet and the blend of sauces were just perfect. One of the best preparations of this dish I would say and this definitely deserves a rating of 9/10. 

Our Bill For The Afternoon
Restoran Hoe Mun Kee(PJ) Steamed Fish Head does serves some amazing dishes. Among the three that we tried this afternoon, I would say that their Thai Style Squid was the winner followed by their Steamed Bonito Fish Head and the next one which was also good would be their Ipoh Bean Sprouts. Prices are reasonable and their services are on a personal level. They go the extra mile in getting to know their customers and that's excellent customer service. Definitely a restaurant that I would recommend visiting. 

Address: No. 35, Jalan Penchala, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: Mon - Sat 1030 - 2230
                             Sun 1700 - 2230 (Closed On Tuesdays)

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