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Nasi Lemak Haji Din @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Nasi Lemak Haji Din is one of the most famous Nasi Lemak stalls in Tanjung Malim. Having been around for the past 40 years, I have been their loyal customer since my childhood days. Those days, they were located in a row of shops somewhere near the present bus station which has been demolished now. Today, they are located at Stall No. 18 in the Medan Selera that is right opposite the Tanjung Malim Police Station.

Medan Selera Tanjung Malim

Medan Selera Tanjung Malim
Finding the Medan Selera is quite easy. Just drive past the UPSI main entrance. Shortly, you would see the Magistrates Court on the left and shortly thereafter, within a minute, you would come to the Medan Selera. There is a playground in front of the Medan Selera and it is right beside the Balai Bomba and opposite it is the Police Station.  

Gerai Haji Din...Stall 18

Gerai Haji Din...Stall 18

Price List

Pre-calculated Pricing For Ease
This stall opens by around 6.30 and is mostly sold out by 11 am. I still remember the long queue that we had to go through those days in order to place our orders. Then the stall used to be much smaller with limited seating area and we all had to be seated in a cramped space just to have the Nasi Lemak. Now, they are located in a much more organised place with very comfortable seating arrangements, thanks to the Town Council. Still, when you come on weekends, there is a long queue. The furniture used in the stall is the exact same ones that were used in the old stall. Those days Pak Haji Din used to be at the stall but now, since he has aged, the stall is run by staffs but still maintains the good old taste. 

Nescafe @ RM 1.50

Nescafe @ RM 1.50
It is amusing that they even still use the same cutlery from my childhood days and it looks good. I was here at 7 am and luckily then, since it was a Sunday, there were not many people yet and I managed to have my breakfast peacefully. Their Nescafe was on the sweet side which is typical in most Malay stalls. I would rate this drink at 8/10 .

Nasi Lemak @ RM 2.00 per plate
The Nasi Lemak  looks and tastes exactly the same. It is quite simple with limited ingredients but tastes excellent. Those days it was sold at RM 0.70 per plate but now the price has gone up to RM 2.00 per plate. I still remember clearly that I used to have two or three plates during my teenage days. Must have been a very good eater then. Even now, two is just nice and is good to last right up to tea time.

The Rice
The Rice itself is fragrant and delicious. Cooked with a lavish amount of coconut milk, the rice is so creamy and good. Definitely still one of the best Nasi Lemak rice out there. 

Onion Sambal

Long Beans & Cucumber
The Nasi Lemak comes with a sufficient amount of Onion Sambal and some Cucumber and Long Beans on the side. The cucumber and long beans are just steamed items. The Sambal however is not on the spicy side like other Nasi Lemak sambals. Here, it is on the sweet side, this may seem odd to many but when you taste it, you would know that it is absolutely delicious. A rare kind of sambal preparation that would keep you wanting for more.

Fried Eggs
Besides the sambal, a fried egg that is runny at the yolk is also provided with the meal. Again, this goes very well with the dish.

My Take Aways
If you happen to be in Tanjung Malim or passing by, then this is a must try dish for breakfast. I would rate their Nasi Lemak at 9.6/10 and it is definitely one of my favourite Nasi Lemak places.

Address: Stall Number 18, Medan Selera Tanjung Malim,
                Jalan Raja Itam, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Opening Hours: 0630 - 1230 Daily


  1. Thanks for sharing ☺ the nasi lemak tastes honest and good. Love the gado-gado too! (2 stalls away). Thanks again!

    1. Hi Ben, you're most welcome. Oh yes, Aman Gado Gado is also excellent. Glad that you enjoyed them too. :)