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The Bakery @ Genting Highlands, Pahang

The Bakery is a bakery cum cafe that is located on the Lobby Level of Genting Grand Hotel. This cafe has always been my favourtie not only for their food but also because of the locality and their outdoor seating area which gives us the only cafe to have an outdoor seating area in the entire Genting Highlands thus enabling us to enjoy the cool weather of this hill station. 

Entrance to The Bakery at Genting Grand Hotel

Large Indoor Seating Area

Breads and Pastries

The Cashier at the far end
There isn't much of a service element at this restaurant as it follows the self service concept. You would have to pick up a tray, select your pastries from the counter and head to the cashier where you would order your drinks and pay for them. 

The Menu

Menu & Price List

Menu & Price List
There is no such thing as a menu on each table. The only menu and price list is the one that is displayed on the wall. Once you are done with the paying at the cashier, you would then have to wait for the drinks to be prepared and then carry them to the table yourself. 

Small Outdoor Seating Area

Me at the Cafe
Their outdoor seating area is a small area with limited tables and mostly it is the first choice of seating for customers. As a result, the place is usually taken up and even today, I had to wait for 40 minutes just to get a table outside. I don't quite like the inside seating area as it is slightly warm and tends to be noisy. Luckily, a couple vacated their table and I immediately ran over to occupy it before someone else does. 

Local Coffee @ RM 8.50

They Use The Aik Cheong Brand Coffee Bags
We all know that the prices in Genting Highlands is expensive especially when it comes to food and hence I can't really complain about it since it is an accepted fact. As for the local coffee, I was provided with the Aik Cheong brand coffee bags and some hot water. And this was priced at RM 8.50 . The coffee was good and all credit goes to the Aik Cheong company and not this cafe. I would rate this coffee at 8.5/10 .

House Brew Coffee @ RM 10.50

Fresh Milk
The House Brew Coffee was good, I mean really good and it was up to the true coffee standards. Of course, they do not provide for the fresh milk unless you ask for it. I don't see why that is the case as we are paying premium prices and these should just be given away. Though the milk was not charged for, it would have been better if it was not hidden under the counter and just placed at the side of the cashier. That being aside, I would rate their coffee at 9.4/10 .

Hot Chocolate @ RM 13.00

My Brother Fixing his Drink

Hot Chocolate @ RM 13.00
The Hot Chocolate drink here is not the regular hot chocolate that we get. You would be served with a glass of hot milk with chocolate on the sides and you would then add the required amount of chocolate in the milk based on your preference and then stir it up. Definitely a very traditional way of preparing this drink and it was good. I would rate this at 9.3/10 .

Curry Puff @ RM 8.00

Curry Puff @ RM 8.00

The Filling of the Puff
Their Curry Puff was very much the Western style Curry Puff and it was nowhere like the usual Asian one that we are used to. The Puff was soft and nice with a stingy filling. The filling was nice and was made up of some curry made from green peas, potato and minced chicken. It would have been much better if the filling had been double of what was provided. I would rate this puff at 6/10 .

Chicken Pie @ RM 8.00

The Filling
The Chicken Pie was just so so. I did not like it at all and found the filling once again provided in a stint. I would only rate this pie at 4.5/10 .

Carrot Muffin @ RM 7.00

Sliced Through
The Carrot Muffin was heavenly, in fact it was one of the best that I had had. Very excellently prepared with rich ingredients. I would rate this at 9.7/10 .

Whole Wheat Croissant @ RM 7.50

Brother Having His Croissant
The Croissant was nice though not the best that I have tried. Slightly hard and dry, nevertheless the butter did help to overcome that flaw. I would rate this at 7/10 .

Us Having Our Afternoon Tea
Though slightly pricey because it's in Genting Highlands, this bakery still serves some decent breads and pastries and some of those, like the Carrot Muffin we had was really excellent. Another plus point that this cafe has is the outdoor seating area which gives diners an opportunity to enjoy the cool outdoor weather while enjoying their coffee. That last reason would always be the reason for me to come back here again and again unless there is another cafe that is opened up with the same facility sometime in the future. 

Address: Lobby Level, Genting Grand Hotel, Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Sunday - Friday 0700 - 0000
                           Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday 0700 - 0200

Telephone: +603 6101 1118 

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