Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Asam Pedas Claypot Ulu Bernam @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

I was checking with some of my friends where I could have some good Asam Pedas and they suggested this place that is located in the Ulu Bernam R&R Rest Area that is just off Tanjung Malim town. I have tried quite a number of places in town itself and was very unsatisfied with the quality of the dish. Being a fan, I decided to head there this afternoon for lunch.

Driving Through An Estate Road

Driving Through An Estate Road

The Service Entrance

The Rear Side
Of course, I did not have to get onto the highway to get here. We locals would usually use the service road via an Oil Palm Estate. The roads aren't too good and one would have to drive cautiously and it's quite a bumpy ride. I would only dare to do this in daylight and would never do it at night as the entire journey is through dense darkness. Not too far actually. It's accessible through Jalan Changkat Asa and it's a 15 minute drive via the estate road before one reaches the service entrance. There are limited bays on this side but it is acceptable to park by the side of the road, as long as you do not block the passage. 

Not Too Busy An Evening

Stall Number 8

Menu and Prices

Made Upon Order

A Must Try Dish At This R&R

Branch Outlet In Mutiara Damansara
It was quite a quiet evening as I arrived here at a non peak hour, moreover it is a weekday. It would have surely been very much different yesterday with many motorists driving back after the long weekend. This famous stall is located at unit 8. They have  an option of going for Ikan Kembung, Ikan Pari and Ikan Merah and they were priced at RM 6.00, RM 6.50 and RM 7.00 respectively. Very competitive pricing. I paid RM 13.00 for the same in town. Being a fan of stingray, I went for that dish.  The gravy seems to be ready but they cook the fish upon ordering. That's an excellent practice as customer's are ensured of a freshly cooked meal. It wasn't too long a wait, perhaps around 10 minutes only and my dish was ready. While waiting, I was chatting with the waiter and he was quite a chatty chap. He informed me that they have four outlets in total and the other three are located in the Klang Valley, one of which is in Mutiara Damansara. 

Meal Set @ RM 6.50
Once my meal was ready, it was served on a tray for customers convenience. The entire set was RM 6.50 and this came with a plate of White Rice and some sides.

Rice, Vegetables, Salted Egg and Papadam

Salted Egg


It is common practice at any Asam Pedas restaurants that this dish be served with a plate of White Rice, some vegetable and Salted Egg and in this case, the Papadam was a bonus. The portion of rice was good. In fact, it was a little too much for me. The Salted Egg was fresh as well. The Cabbage was nice, obviously not to be compared with the preparation at Indian restaurants as the latter would be using more spices. This was plainly cabbage and carrots, some turmeric and some salt and it tasted good. I would rate this cabbage preparation at 7/10 .

A Good Claypot of Asam Pedas

Thick Delicious Gravy

Two Humongous Cuts of Stingray 


Thick and Tasty
The Asam Pedas dish came in a medium sized claypot and was filled with two huge cuts of stingray, one Okra cut into two and some boiling hot and delicious Asam Pedas gravy. I never expected the cuts to be so huge. I think when it comes to the portion size, this is the largest that I have come across in Malaysia for the price. The gravy was slightly oily but it was within bearable levels. Taste was good too but there is room for improvement. Would have been better if it was a little more 'Asam' and 'Pedas', nevertheless still a very good preparation. Not anywhere near the best ones that I have tried but it was above average. Perhaps the best in Tanjung Malim. I would rate this at 7/10 .

Price wise, this is an amazing deal and definitely a good one to have if you are in Ulu Bernam R&R. But honestly, I wound't recommend making a trip just to try this. It was just not up to that level. Overall, a decent preparation.

Address: Stall No.8, Hentian Sebelah Ulu Bernam, North - South Expressway,
                35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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