Monday, 7 September 2015

Kafetaria Kelab Sukan Hospital Kuala Lumpur @ Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur

I have always used this inside road as a short cut whenever I plan to head to Lebuh Ampang from Jalan Pahang. This is one of the better options instead of getting stuck at the never ending traffic that happens along Chow Kit area. As I was driving along the same route this morning, I noticed that a cafeteria had been opened at the new multi tier car park. This car park had been opened sometime in June this year and the lower level had been vacant till last week. Surprised to see that the Hospital Sports Club Cafeteria had been moved to this location. I wonder if the old one that is close to Jalan Doktor Latif is still functioning. As I had time at my perusal, I decided to have breakfast here instead. 

Entrance To The Cafeteria

I Like The Layout

Opened Just Last Week

Very Clean Interior

Layout Could Have Been Better
This cafeteria is located along Jalan Utama Hospital, not too far from the Maternity Ward. There's ample of parking bays available all day long and it is only RM 2.00 for the first three hours. Having got a bay on the second floor, I then took the lift down which comes very close to where this cafeteria is. The place was simple. Only four stalls were allocated in the entire cafeteria. One for drinks, one for noodles, one for Malay style mixed rice and another one for cakes and Western food. The design was very nice and looked modern but the furniture seemed quite odd and the way they had spaced it wasn't very professional. Lots of space wastage. Perhaps this is just a temporary setting I assume. Crowd wasn't too great too as I believe many do not know of the existence of a cafeteria here in this building. Most people would still be going to the old one that's mostly very crowded. They should have added more stall spaces and perhaps an Indian Muslim outlet too which invariably is a Malaysian favourite. 

Stall 1 Selling Drinks

Nescafe Ice @ RM 2.80

Nescafe Ice @ RM 2.80
Once I was at the drinks stall, I checked out the kind of stock that they carried. Still early days and they did not have much can drinks though the fridge had arrived. I believe that they must be still waiting for the stocks to arrive. I then ordered a Nescafe Ice and this was priced at RM 2.80 . That's mega expensive for a small cafeteria like this. And the volume wasn't great either. Just a medium sized slim glass filled with 50% ice. Having had no choice, I paid for my drink and moved on to check out the food at the rest of the stalls. I wonder what they would be charging for can drinks. Taste wise, I would rate this at 7/10 . Nice but not great! 

Stall 4 - Western & Cakes

Local Cakes & Nasi Lemak

Local Cakes
The other stalls had some variety but they were too heavy for this hour. It was interesting to note that though stall 4 was designated for Western and Cakes, they actually sold local cakes and Nasi Lemak. The only Western food that I saw at this stall were some buns and Spaghetti. Their Nasi Lemak looked good and so I went for that and added an omelette. My hands were full now as I had my drink in one hand and the Nasi Lemak and a plate with an Omelette in the other. It would have been great if they had provided trays for customer's convenience. Service wise, I loved the reception at this stall. At the drinks stall, none of them smiled. Perhaps they don't believe in connecting with customers but the reception was completely different here. They were very nice and served with a smile. Felt appreciated.

Nasi Lemak @ RM 1.50

Nasi Lemak @ RM 1.50

Rice Wasn't So Great

Sambal Was Fierce And Good
Their Nasi Lemak Bungkus was priced at RM 1.50 and that's a very reasonable price. I wonder why the drinks are priced sky high. The portion was good and this came with some Sambal, quarter of a Hard Boiled Egg, Fried Peanuts and some Fried Anchovies. The rice was very ordinary. It must have been prepared very early in the morning and the rice had already hardened and stuck on to each other. Even when I tried using a spoon to break it up, some lumps were quite stubborn and the starchiness had gotten them gelled together. Rice, I would only rate at 5/10 . The Sambal however was super good. Though the serving may seem limited, it was super spicy and just a small amount was good to go with the rice and was sure to fire you up. It's been a long time since I had some real good Sambal like this one. Sweet and spicy, just the way I love it! I would rate the Sambal at 10/10 .  

Fried Egg @ RM 1.00 each
I have always loved to have a Fried Egg with my Nasi Lemak and that was the reason that I added this. Priced at RM 1.00 each, the Fried Egg was nice except for the over greasiness. The other setback was similar to the rice. It must have been fried very early in the morning and was really cold when I had it. Would have been nice if they had kept it in a warmer. I would rate this at 6/10 .

From what I had tried this morning, I would strongly recommend the Nasi Lemak simply for the Sambal. They can definitely improve further by keeping these in food warmers and it would taste amazingly good when served hot. Drinks were okay but too pricey. I would rather bring my own packet drinks instead. Would love to try the other two stalls sometime soon.

Address: Ground Floor, Kafetaria Kelab Sukan Hospital Kuala Lumpur,
                Multi Tier Car Park, Jalan Utama Hospital, Hospital Kuala Lumpur,
                Off Jalan Pahang, 50586 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0600 - 1800 Daily


  1. the nasi lemak looked good though.. thanks for the info!

    1. You're most welcome. Appreciate you reading it too :)

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