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Hou Sek @ Genting Highlands, Pahang

He we are in Genting Highlands for a short holiday. It's lunch time and we were looking for a place to have lunch.We have tried many of the restaurants here which I have blogged in the past and this time, wanted to try out a new place. After much walking around in the First World Plaza that is attached to the First World Hotel (which is also the hotel with the most number of rooms in the world), we decided to try this place called Restaurant Hou Sek which is located on the second floor of First World Plaza.

Checking Out The Menu

Located Next To This Artificial Moat

Not Far From Big Ben

Not Too Crowded

View From Our Table

Roasted Meats
Before entering, we checked out their menu and it was an all Chinese restaurant. The variety seemed good for a quick lunch and we were okay with the selection. The place wasn't too big, with just about 15 tables but fortunately, we were here slightly past lunch hour and the place was not too crowded. I did read the Foursquare reviews about this place and there were quite a number of recommendations as well as complaints. Seems like the food quality isn't consistent but we were willing to take the gamble. At the entrance, we were greeted by the staffs and they were kind enough to allow us to go through the menu before making a decision to dine here. I must say that the waiters were very efficient and quick to respond. A few locals but the majority of them seemed to be from mainland China. The place had a beautiful view of the artificial moat and it's surroundings were simply pleasant. This restaurant is located opposite the Big Ben on Level 2 of First World Plaza. Just behind the moat. May be a little hidden but if you locate the Chee Cheong Fun stall, then you should be able to find this place. 

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

For Those With Vouchers
Their menu had a spread of Cheese Baked Rice, Roasted Meats, Congee's, Noodles and Pasta and not forgetting the Vegetarians, they also had a handful of dishes for them. As expected, prices were quite high but we all know that that's the norms here. Usually the food in Genting is good and we were hoping that for the prices paid, we would be getting at least a decent meal. After having gone through the menu, we then placed our orders with the waiter. All of us opted for the noodles, a different variety each along with some Chinese Tea. As with all the restaurants here, they have both members price as well as non members price. Being Genting cardholders, we were able to enjoy the members price that came with a slight discount. 


Sauces and Spices

My Dad

My Brother

Chinese Tea @ RM 3.00
Each table came supplied with sufficient cutlery and sauces and this is an excellent practice. Within minutes, our drinks arrived and this glass of Chinese Tea was priced at RM 3.00 . Expensive yes, but surely one shouldn't be complaining as we are in Genting Highlands and not any common restaurant down there. The Tea however wasn't anything to shout about. Just a common grade Chinese Tea. 

Luncheon Meat, Fried Egg, Vegetable and Noodles in Hong Kong Style Broth @ RM 14.50

Luncheon Meat, Fried Egg, Vegetable and Noodles in Hong Kong Style Broth @ RM 14.50

Wan Ton Noodles

Two Thin Cuts of Luncheon Meat

Clear Broth
This dish was the Hong Kong style noodles that came with two thin cuts of Luncheon Meat, an Egg, some vegetables and served in a clear soup and was priced at RM 14.50 . This is the Member's price. Portion was decent, not huge and I could perhaps do two of this. Well to be honest, it was nothing great. Pre prepared items were just chucked in and they had just poured the Hong Kong style soup into the bowl. Even the noodles were not that tasty. The noodles tasted very much like some instant noodles though it was supposed to be Wan Ton Noodles and the soup was nothing much. And I am very certain that they had added a lot of MSG into this dish as I was very thirsty after this dish. To me, it was neither great nor bad. Just an average dish to feed the hungry tummy. I would rate this at 5/10 .

Noodles with Fish Slices @ RM 14.50

Fish Slices

Wan Ton Noodles

Clear Soup
This again was a bowl of noodles that came with some vegetable, Fish Slices and was served in the same Hong Kong Style broth and it was priced at RM 14.50 . Once again, the noodles and the broth were just the same as above. The Fish Slices were however quite okay. Nothing much actually and I would rate this at 5/10 . Just another dish to kill your hunger. Not one for the taste. 

Hot & Spicy Pork and Szechuan Vegetable Noodles @ RM 14.50

Hot & Spicy Pork and Szechuan Vegetable Noodles @ RM 14.50


Pork Cubes

Pickled Cucumbers

Wan Ton Noodles

In A Not So Hot & Spicy Soup
This dish was a disgrace to Szechuan Noodles. The broth was lousy, nowhere near hot and spicy and even those pork cubes as well as the Pickled Cucumbers seemed stale. Not to mention the noodles itself. This was perhaps the worst Szechuan Noodles that I have tasted till date. I would only rate this at 3/10. Even to bring the broth to this colour, I had to add at least six scoops of chili paste and only then, it had some taste. Definitely not recommended!

Overall, the place was a let down. The service was excellent but sadly the food was average to bad. Definitely did not expect this kind of quality from a restaurant in Genting Highlands. And another thing that I would like to mention here. One of the helpers was going around table to table collecting all the spices and sauces even when customers were having their meal. I guess she wanted to top them up but this you should wait for the customers to finish their meal first and then go ahead and collect them. Even at our table, we were midway having our meal and she just abruptly collected them and never returned. This is not an acceptable practice. I did leave a comment in their comment box and hope they would address this issue. Food wise, it's a no for me. I truly felt that it was a waste of money dining here. Of course, there may be times when their food was good but my dining experience on this day was simply this.

Address: Level 2, First World Plaza, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 2300 Daily 

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