Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Chicken Curry Noodles and Wild Boar Curry Noodles in China Town Foodcourt @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Today, I decided on revisiting China Town Foodcourt that's located in Taman Wangsa Setia with the intent of trying out another stall. For those who have been following me, you would surely remember me blogging sometime last week about the Chee Cheong Fun stall here and this evening, I wanted to try the Chicken Curry Noodles and the Wild Boar Curry Noodles from another stall here which I heard is quite good. If you would like to read about the previously tried Chee Cheong Fun stall, please click on this link. http://venoth.blogspot.my/2015/09/chee-cheong-fun-stall-in-china-town.html

China Town Foodcourt At Night

Love The Lighting Here

Ample Of Parking Spaces

The Stalls
Being peak business hours, the food court was packed, almost full house. Fortunately, I managed to find a place to sit. In the evenings, there are tables that are placed at the outdoor area too which is closer to the stalls. If it is not raining, this would be a better place to sit as it is quite windy in this area.

The Curry Noodles Stall
This stall is the very first stall from the entrance and is located on the right side. They sell a number of dishes but their hot sellers are their Curried Wild Boar Noodles and Curried Chicken Noodles, both of which are priced at RM 4.50 each. Having starved the entire day, I ordered one each. Perhaps I was a little greedy too.

Curried Wild Boar Noodle Set @ RM 4.50

Taken With Flash For Better Lighting

Portion Was Huge

Extremely Tasty
All their sets comes with a small bowl of clear soup. Despite the crowd, it didn't take them too long to send the dishes over. For the price of RM 4.50 , the portion was really huge. Now, I was wondering if I could truly finish them both. The Noodles itself were just okay. It's the typical soy sauce noodles and tasted somewhat decent. Neither great nor good. Just average. The real taste booster was the Wild Boar Curry. This was extremely tasty. Cooked with some thick gravy, it tasted more like Rendang and I enjoyed every bit of it. Do note that it is not a spicy preparation, very much like Rendang but rest assured, it was delicious! Mixed with the noodles, it turned out to be an amazing dish. I would rate this at 9/10 .

Complimentary Clear Soup
Even the clear soup was quite good. Usually, whenever this is provided complimentary, it isn't quite as good as the one's that you order Ala Carte but this was an exception. The flavours were perfect and it turned out to be quite a treat. I would rate this at 9/10 .

Chicken Curry Noodles Set @ RM 4.50

Topped With Curried Chicken and Potatoes

Nice It Was

Perfect Cut Sizes
The noodles for this dish too was exactly the same as the one before. The Chicken Curry came with lots of potatoes which was definitely a plus point. All spices were perfect too except for one thing that slacked and ended up killing the dish. It was under cooked. Not only the chicken chunks but the potato too. I wonder how they could make such a mistake when it could have turned out to be another lovely dish. A simple test of poking a fork into the potato and chicken while cooking would have revealed this. Chicken takes time to cook but potatoes cook fairly quickly. In this case, if even the potatoes were not cooked, you could surely imagine how the chicken would have been. A good dish gone bad simply because of bad judgement. For me, I would only rate this at 2/10 . Assuming it had been cooked properly, then I would have perhaps rated this at 7/10 .

Yes, assuming the latter too was perfectly cooked, the Wild Boar Curry would still be the winner. The spices for the Chicken Curry was good but it wasn't great. Their Wild Boar Curry however was a taste to remember. I would definitely come back for their Wild Boar Curry Noodles but not for their Curry Chicken Noodles. The previous is definitely highly recommended!

Address: Chinatown Food Court, Jalan Setia 1, Taman Wangsa Setia, 
                35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1600 - 0200 Daily


  1. Wild boar curry, that's new! Thank god for the flash otherwise I won't be able to see that huge portion of curry. It looked like 2 servings too me :-) Lucky you were starving otherwise you'd need someone else to finish it up for you or perhaps 'tapau' to go. Pity, the chicken curry were undercooked. It's dangerous to eat raw or undercook chicken as it can cause salmonella.

    1. Sadly, the place was dimly lit hence the dull photos. After all, I just use my phone to capture them. Don't want to frighten these operators by bringing a DSLR he he. Well you're right and that's why I pretty much left most if not all of the chicken and just had the noodles.