Monday, 3 April 2017

Curry Puff Stall in Restoran Big Family @ Kota Damansara, Selangor

I have blogged about quite a number of stalls from this restaurant and another one that I felt worthy highlighting is the Curry Puffs Stall that's located in this restaurant. I believe this stall is owned by the landlords themselves and is manned by some foreign staffs. 

Assorted Cakes & Pastries

They have a range of cakes and pastries which even extends to some Nyonya Cakes. All pastries are freshly baked daily and is available from 10 am onwards till they are sold out. Mostly, by around 2 pm, they'd be mostly done. For the size, the prices seemed very reasonable to me. 

Curry Puffs @ RM 2.20 each

Kaya Puffs @ RM 2.00 each
Both of the above are my favourites at this restaurant. Their Curry Puffs are pretty huge, almost fills up an adult male's palm and is filled with curried potatoes and chicken. Comes with a rough crunchy skin that's so tasty on it's own. Their Kaya Puffs however has a soft, silky outer skin and the filling was heavenly. For both the cakes, I would rate them 9/10. 

Siew Pau @ RM 2.00 each

Egg Tarts @ RM 1.80 each
Their Siew Pau had a very hard outer crust which was not to my liking. I somehow prefer the Seremban one which in my opinion, is much better than this one. The Egg Tarts were good but there's surely room to improve. These, I would rate them at 8/10. 

Nyonya Cakes
Besides the above, they also have some Nyonya Cakes and buns. I did not try these as I don't really fancy them. Nevertheless, they looked pretty good.

Based on the pastries that I have tried, I would recommend going for their Curry Puffs and Kaya Puffs. Those were definitely good!

Address: 65, Lorong TSB 10A, Taman Industri Sungai Buloh, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 0900 - 1500 Daily

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