Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Restoran Chup Nam Foong @ Kalumpang, Selangor

Many people would label Kalumpang as a sleepy little town but not many know that inside Kampung Sejantung which used to be called Kalumpang New Village, there's a number of good Chinese eateries that's famous among the locals. This is one such place that I had visited this morning. 

Prices Of  The Dishes

Local Coffee
Chup Nam Foong is a humble breakfast joint that's located in a row of wooden shops, very close to the entrance into Kampung Sejantung. The place is simple. Pretty much a family home with some tables outside and they only operate during breakfast. Their offerings include Curry Mee, Noodles Soup, Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee, Hainanese Toast and Coffee. Prices are very minimal and service is personalised. The scene here is very different. It's like everyone knows everyone and addresses each other by their names. I was perhaps the only outsider today and luckily, I went with some locals and so could escape the stares. Ordering was simple. Prices of the dishes were pasted on the glass panel of the stall and everything that they offered were listed there. Having done with ordering the dishes, we returned to our tables and ordered our drinks. I went for the Local Coffee. It was reasonably priced as well and it packed a good oomph. Ratings wise, I would give it a 8/10. 

Hainanese Toast
For their toast, they do not use the usual bread and stick with the tradition of using the long bread. For toasting, they also follow conventional methods of toasting it over charcoal. I was told that they make their own Kaya as well. Overall, I enjoyed the toast. The bread was nicely done and it came with a generous spread of butter and Kaya. Tasty and recommended for sure. I would rate this 8/10. 

Curry Mee
Their Curry Mee was quite unique in the sense that it came with lots of coconut milk. Along with that, despite having added all the usual ingredients like tofu, fish balls, fish paste etc, they had also added Chicken Curry on the top.This seemed unique to me and the mix was heavenly. Probably those who are health conscious would not enjoy this as much but it was surely lip smacking good. I would rate this at 8/10 and definitely a recommended dish here. 

Mee Hoon Soup
Their Mee Hoon Soup was nice as well. Instead of tasting just plain bland, I loved the flavours of the soup and again the mix of add on's were good. I was even surprised to find Wantan's in this dish which isn't a common addition for this dish. Overall, I'd give it 7/10. 

Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee

Wantan in Clear Soup
This bowl of Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee was very good. The base dish came with generous amounts of soy sauce and above that, they had added some thick curry and these came with chicken chunks and potatoes. Mix them all up and you're waiting to be treated to a burst of flavours. Highly recommended dish here and I enjoyed it so much. I would rate this dish at 9/10. 

Based on the dishes that I had tried this morning, I definitely enjoyed their Curry Chicken Mee and Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee. These two were outstanding and highly recommended. The rest were good too but nowhere close to these highlighted ones. 

Address: Main Road, Kampung Sejantung, 44100 Kalumpang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1300 Daily

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