Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Restoran Simple Box Food.Com @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

There seems to be no ending to the number of Indian restaurants in Cyberjaya and I never seem to be able to visit them during work hours due to my meetings. Hence last Saturday, my brother and I decided to check another place out and this too happens to be within the Glomac Cyberjaya area. 

Located Along Jalan GC 3

Lovely Air-Conditioned Restaurant
This restaurant is is quite unique. They are called Simple Box Food.Com as they maintain such a website that delivers food over to the offices within Cyberjaya area. They have been here for years now and seem to be doing pretty well, mainly because of the food delivery business which has gotten them a huge number of loyal patrons.

A simple menu ranging from vegetarian to non vegetarian dishes and they were mainly focused on North Indian and Punjabi cuisines. Prices seemed very reasonable as well. At this moment, we have neither seen the portions nor tasted the food and so I shall reserve my comments for later. Another thing that I heard from that is that their Briyani's are the best seller. Having heard that, we had ordered that but sadly was told that they were sold out for the day. Beeing a slow Saturday, if those could be sold out at 2.00 pm, then they definitely have got to be very good. Having had no other choice, we opted to have some other set meals along with some add on's. 

Appalam with Garlic Chutney & Masala Podi
Since we were dine in customers, they served us the above Appalam with Garlic Chutney and Masala Podi at no cost. The Appalam's were freshly fried and there were no signs of it being oily at all. The Garlic Chutney was marvelous and an excellent add on to the Appalams. The Masala Podi was great too. For both these items, I would rate them at 9/10.

Mutton Samosa with Mint Chutney @ RM 6.00
Five pieces of medium sized Mutton Samosa's were served with Mint Chutney and these were priced at RM 6.00 . Fairly good price for the platter. The Samosa's were made using ground mutton, beautifully spiced and the skin was so crispy and hot. Again, this was freshly fried upon request. However, these Samosa's turned out to be a little greasy. Nevertheless, they tasted good and I would rate them 8/10. 

Vegetable Cutlet @ RM 4.00
The second starters that arrived were these Vegetable Cutlets and they were served with Mint Chutney and another dip sauce that was sweet and sour. Definitely had traces of tamarind but not sure what it was. The cutlets were huge and were made using potatoes. However, I felt that the spices could have been better. Definitely good stuff but can be better. As such, I would rate this at 7/10. 

Roti Box Set @ RM 9.00

Rice Box Set @ RM 9.00
Both these Box Sets were huge portion wise and they were priced at RM 9.00 each. Another famous item here is their Vegetable Pakkora and that seemed to be a compulsory item in all Box Meals. Along with that, there were three other dishes as well. RM 9.00 for these is definitely a good deal. In the Roti Box Set, there were 4 thick Capati's and in the Rice Box Set, the portion of rice was huge. Good value for money!

Vegetable Pakkora
This was so good so much so, we had ordered more later to be taken away. I would say that this was one of the best Vegetable Pakkora's that I have tasted. Perfect blend of crispiness and tender vegetables. I would rate this at 9/10. 

Unlike the Capati's that we commonly get, these were really thick and tasty. Again freshly made and they were toasted to perfection. These deserve nothing less than 9/10. 

Masala Chickpea

Potato Masala
This is the first time that I had missed out the photographing another dish. All because of the tasty food. And let me confess that all three dishes, the Chickpea Masala, Potato Masala and Dhall Tadka, were delicious. My brother and I were literally cleaning the bowls dry. I would give them all 9/10. 

Masala Chicken @ RM 7.00
If you're wondering what that whitish dish is, that's called Masala Chicken. I know, when we say Masala Chicken, we would all be thinking of the South Indian Style Yellowish Gravy with Chicken. This was completely different. Similar Chicken Chunks were used except that the gravy was sour and spicy and we loved it! Very different but we could immediately connect with the flavours and enjoyed the dish thoroughly. If you do visit this restaurant, please do give this dish a try. Highly recommended. Again, one that deserves a 9/10. 

Masala Chai (Tea) @ RM 3.00
And to conclude the heavenly meal, I had a Masala Chai and it was such a lovely drink. The aroma, the flavour and spices were simply perfect. 10/10 it is for this drink. 

This entire marvelous meal cost us a mere RM 38.00 and that's an excellent deal. Usually such a meal would be around RM 60.00 to RM 70.00 . In fact, that was where I expected this meal to be but was completely swept off feet when I saw the bill. Amazing food, good hospitality and lovely ambience. I wouldn't mind travelling all the way from Kuala Lumpur again just for the food. Totally worth it!

Address: Jalan GC 3, Glomac Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 1130 - 1430 & 1600 - 2130
                             Saturday  1130 - 2130
                             Sunday Closed

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