Saturday, 22 April 2017

Sup Power Ali @ Kajang, Selangor

Sup Power Ali has been around for almost 20 years. This guy is so famous that he has appeared in a number of TV shows and there are so many newspaper write ups about this place as well. Being new to Kajang, I only came to know about this place as I was passing it one night.  

The Stall in Taman Maju 2, Kajang

Just A Stall But There Are Indoor Seating As Well
Despite being just a humble stall, this place becomes very crowded from 7 pm onwards. He is open from 5.30 pm till 3 am Mondays to Saturdays. Even during the wee hours of the night, you get a lot of customers here. There is a huge outdoor seating area which could easily accommodate 50 people at any one time and a smaller indoor seating area which is good for around 15 pax maximum.  

Ali Preparing The Orders

Variety Of Cuts

He has a variety of cuts to choose from and he sells Chicken, Lamb, Beef and even Quail. Regardless of the part that you choose, the base soup is the same. Each part is priced differently and they are clearly displayed at the stall. 

Mutton Soup @ RM 6.00 With Bread

Bread @ RM 1.00 per plate
It didn't take him long to serve the soup since it had already been cooked and was just left to a mild boil. My bowl of mutton soup was priced at RM 6.00 and with it, one could choose to have this soup with bread or rice. This White Bread is also one that is made by him and has a very different texture compared to the standard loaves that you get off the shelf. A plate of bread is priced at RM 1.00 . The soup itself was very thick, in fact it looked more like gravy and was highly infused with spices. Very different preparation compared to the rest that we get. It's so spicy that it could get you sweating profusely. Taste wise, I really can't compare this to the rest as it was a different recipe altogether. I would give this soup 8/10. 

The Bill
This is a very different kind of Mutton Soup prepared with a wide range of Indian spices and served thick and hot. That is why some even opt to have this with rice. I have not tasted anything like this before and since that it the case, I am not able to give a comparison. Definitely worth giving it a try at least once.

Address: No. 7, Jalan Maju 1, Taman Maju 2, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1730 - 0300 Monday - Saturday

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