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Bar'licious @ Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Bar'licious is a Halal restaurant cum bar which is located in Solaris Dutamas on Publika's side. It may be a little difficult to find this place as it is located on the first floor and the signs are pretty vague. Even the neon lights at the entrance is not always on. But if you look out for block D2 and follow the address below, it would not be a problem then.

Bar'licious at Solaris Dutamas
This is a concept restaurant run by some Iranians. Their main food sold here are Western, Iranian and a few Arabic dishes. I was told by some of my friends that the Western Cuisine here is pretty good and that is why we planned to head here this evening to try some of the dishes.

The Bar at Bar'licious

Interior of the restaurant

Nice plush seats

The Cutlery
The ambiance at this restaurant is nice. Beautifully decorated, it boasts of a blend of Western and Iranian design. By looking at the bar, they did have a decent collection of drinks and quite a number of beer promotions were running too. I was not in the mood for beers tonight and just passed the offer. The service again was very efficient. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by the owners and then handed the menu down to us. We finalised our orders and then just sat down enjoying the music playing in the background. Seems like a while ago, they used to have a live band in the house but no longer now. From the pigeon hole leading to the kitchen, I could see that the cooking was primarily done by a Bangladeshi and another Filipino lady. When we arrived here, it was just us and another table and as the time passed to around 2100, the crowd started coming in and by 2200, it was full house.

Ice Lemon Tea @ RM 5.00
Coca Cola @ RM 5.00

I ordered a glass of Ice Lemon Tea and Angie ordered a glass of Coca Cola. Both the drinks were priced at RM 5.00 which I feel is quite cheap for both this place and the kind of set up. The Ice Lemon Tea was nice and chilled suitably for this hot weather today.

Green Salad @ RM 12.00
One of the starters that we had ordered was the above Green Salad that was dressed in home made Caesar dressing. Though looking simple, the dish was nice. I would rate the Salad at 7/10 .

Mushroom Soup @ RM 12.00
The other starters that we had ordered was this Mushroom Soup. For sure, this is not the canned Campbell's Soup. It is home made and tasted decently good. The difference that I found in this soup was that the breadcrumbs were crushed and put into the soup which is unique. The mushroom was also cut in slightly larger bits and was nice. I would rate this soup at 8.3/10 .

Grilled BBQ Chicken Chop @ RM 20.00
This comes with 250g of Chicken Chop served with BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw and French Fries. The Chicken was grilled to perfection and the sauce was delicious. I must say that there was a clear Iranian influence in this dish as there were a number of Asian spices that I could taste. This dish is unique and to me it tasted very good, much better then some of the expensive western restaurants. This could also be due to the fact that I too am an Asian and prefer the blended taste than the pure European taste. Nevertheless, it is a highly recommended dish here. I would rate this at 9.8/10 .

New Zealand Lamb Chop @ RM 32.00
This dish comes with 250g lamb served with Black Pepper Sauce, Wedges and Coleslaw. Three excellently grilled lamb pieces were given and once again, it was marinated with some Asian spices. The Black Pepper Sauce was quite unique and had a slightly salty taste to it which blended well with the meat. Again another excellently prepared dish here. I would rate this dish at 8.9/10 .

Iranian Style Watermelon Faloude @ RM 8.90
This was our desert and it was pretty much Watermelon on Ice cubes with a fancy name. The style of preparation gave the watermelon pieces continued chilling as we consumed it. Interesting desert.

Overall, this is a cool place to hangout with friends and also a great place to have dinner especially the western food. Please do note that they do charge a 10% Service Charge and 6% Government Tax on all their bills.  I just loved the dishes we had today as they were truly unique and stand out in terms of the preparation methods as a blend between east and west. A highly recommended place.

Address: D2-G4-01, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
                50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Sun - Thurs 1100 - 0000
                            Fri - Sat 1100 - 0200

Telephone: +603 6205 3069 & +6014 711 3909 


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