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Restoran Ga Onn @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

This is an entry about one of the famous Chinese Restaurants in Tanjung Malim, Perak that is usually patronised by the locals. Though there are other famous restaurants here, those are usually places that are visited by tourists and people from Kuala Lumpur who drive down for a quick and cheap meal, by KL standards. For us locals, we feel those restaurants are expensive and we are able to get equally good food here at local rates. I have done another entry on this restaurant about three months back as whenever I return to my home town, it is almost customary for us to come here for at least one meal. This is a link to my previous entry on this restaurant.

Restaurant Ga Onn in Taman Anggerik Desa, Tanjung Malim

Interior of the restaurant

Interior of the restaurant

Cutlery in Hot Water

The restaurant is simple in its layout and design. Being located in Taman Anggerik Desa which is right opposite the Hindu Temple in Tanjung Malim, has given them a great advantage in terms of parking space and accessibility. This is also the famous junction for vehicles coming from all directions that they would have to end up waiting at these traffic lights and this in turn gives clear visibility of the restaurant. As I have written more on this restaurant in the previous entry which link I have provided above, I shall directly move into the food items for today. Today, there were more of us as we also had a visitor joining in and thus I am able to show more dishes than the previous trip.

Deep Fried Calamari @ RM 15.00
At the price of RM 15.00, I feel the portion size is pretty huge. These Calamari's were well coated and were deep fried to a golden brown colour. The good thing is that they were not soaked and managed to serve them with the crisp factor being intact. Not overly salty with just the right taste, I would rate this dish at 8.3/10 .

Buttermilk & Black Pepper Prawns @ RM 18.00

This dish I believed has room for improvement. The buttermilk was limited, more would have been better and the prawns should have been slightly bigger. The amount of black pepper however was just the right amount. I would rate this dish at 6.5/10 .

Steamed Garoupa Fish @ RM 30.00

This steamed fish was a good choice. The last time here, we tried it steamed with ginger and this time decided to try with the Chili paste. The dish was well prepared and much better to the one we tried the last time. The fish was fresh and again it was cleaned well, thus eliminating any smell that is common in fresh water fish. I would rate this dish at 7.5/10 .

Vegetables With Garlic @ RM 12.00

The vegetable was again another dish that was well prepared. It was cooked to the right level yet maintaining the crispness of the stems. I liked this dish very much. I would rate this dish at 8.8/10 .

Sweet & Sour Pork @ RM 15.00
The Sweet & Sour Pork was above averagely done. I think too much tomato puree was used and it had made the dish to be too sweet. Nevertheless it is not a bad dish and still deserves a rating of 8/10 .

Ginger Chicken @ RM 15.00
The Ginger Chicken was a good dish. This was another dish that I had liked this time. Everything was good about this dish. I would rate this at 8.8/10 .

Sizzling Tofu @ RM 15.00
The Sizzling Tofu was done excellently. No complaints on this dish. They definitely must maintain this recipe as it would definitely score high among the customers. I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

Deep Fried Fish with Soy Sauce @ RM 25.00
Another good dish too. In fact, this was better than the above fish dish. The fish was fried perfectly. I would rate this dish at 9.5/10 .

Baby Kailan With Garlic @ RM 12.00
Finally the last dish for the day was the above Baby Kailan. Another great dish that I enjoyed very much tonight. I must say that the vegetable were fresh and juicy. I would rate this dish 9.7/10 .

Despite the ups and downs in terms of the food, this restaurant would still be the favourite among the locals as they are very accommodating towards us. The other restaurants out there, especially the posh ones, usually sell at at least double the price of what is available here and we locals surely cannot adopt to that. Well, I do not want to delve too deep into the local politics but keep my reviews clean and fair.

Address: No. 10, Ground Floor, Taman Cahaya,
                35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 2330 Daily

Telephone: +605 458 2323

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