Monday, 3 June 2013

Pempek Beringin @ Palembang, Indonesia

Today we were introduced to another local delicacy known as Pempek. Pempek has it's origins in Palembang and today is found abundantly all over Indonesia. We were brought to one of the famous restaurants here which is called Rumah Makan Pempek Beringin. 

Us at Rumah Makan Pempek Beringin
This restaurant is just simple in its set up but seems to be very famous with both locals and tourists. There seems to be a lot of pre-packed food items which I believe is mainly for the tourists that come here to buy stuffs which they can then take back home. I just let my friend handle the ordering as I have never had any experience with this food. 

Variety of Pempek
Pempek is typically fish cake and is made from fish and tapioca as the main ingredients and then a variety of other items are added based on the variation preferred. The common one is plain Pempek and the other variations may have eggs, shrimp paste, noodles etc. Pempek can be had by by itself or in soup. The above photo shows the dry type and it is dipped into Soy Sauce that is boiled with Bird's Eye chili and stored in bottles to give it a prolonged spiciness. We did enjoy this dish and it is very cheap here. Though it looks small, you can only have a few pieces as it fills the stomach quite easily. 

Trying The Soup Pempek
This is the soup type and between the two, I would prefer the dry type as it gives a greater taste. I was also advised that although this seems easy to make, it is difficult to make perfect ones and there are only a few places in Palembang where you can get excellent and fresh Pempek and most of these places are cottage industries. To me, this place was not bad too and we really liked it. I could have this a few times a week and would not get bored with it. Anyone who visits Palembang, must try this dish and this is another excellent local cuisine!

Address: No. 20, Jl. Lingkaran 1, Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Telephone: (0711) 371685

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

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