Thursday, 13 June 2013

Little Italy @ Bandar Kinrara, Puchong

Restaurant Little Italy is a wonderful little Italian restaurant located in Bandar Puchong Jaya. I stumbled upon this restaurant by luck today and I am very glad that I did. 

Restaurant Little Italy in Bandar Puchong Jaya
We were in the vicinity for some other reason and just passed through when I noticed this lovely decorated restaurant. It seemed pretty interesting to us and we decided to check the place out. They have their menu card placed outside the restaurant and I through their menu and found it to be very interesting. Immediately we made the decision to have dinner here tonight. 

Exterior Design

Interior of the restaurant

Beautiful Design

Very Cosy Environment

Us At The Restaurant
We simply loved the design of this restaurant. The decoration was great even outside and it was splendid inside. They have a small dining area outside which has two small tables for smokers and the rest of the dining area is inside which is a non smoking area. The environment was absolutely great with light music playing softly in the background. There are these cute tables that is in the middle of a mock boat which seemed very romantic to me. This restaurant seemed to be run by a Filipino family and they were extremely efficient, friendly and orderly. As far as I can remember, I have never seen a restaurant that was this well organised.

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
The menu was simple but pretty comprehensive. They offered a wide selection of Italian dishes and it also included some vegetarian meals. The price too seems to be very attractive. It would surely suit even those college students that would like to go on a good, romantic dinner with their girlfriends. This entire restaurant is Pork free. Everything happened very smoothly tonight, from the moment we arrived until the time we left. The lady boss attended to us and picked up our orders and within 3 minutes, the drinks arrived. 

Strawberry @ RM 2.50

Coca Cola @ RM 2.50
We ordered the above drinks. I wanted mine cold and Angie wanted hers Ice free and we got what we asked for. There were no mistakes made.

Onion Soup @ RM 6.90
First the soups. This was delivered to us in less than 10 minutes. Extremely efficient I must say. I had the above Onion Soup. It came piping hot and it was extremely delicious and full of flavours. Very aromatic too. Very well prepared and I am truly impressed. I would rate this soup at 10/10 .

Mushroom Soup @ RM 6.90
Angie ordered the above Mushroom Soup and she is usually very fussy with the mushroom soup as it her favourite soup. Even she was impressed with the soup. I did get a sip too and it was fabulous. I would again rate this soup at 10/10 .

Hawaiian Delight Pizza @ R M 12.90
We ordered two 8" Pizza's and this was the first to arrive. This was the thin crust pizza. I should confess that their pizza's were pretty good. Being a thin crust pizza, I was expecting it to be a little harder but this was just perfect. Hard at the crust and soft elsewhere. The ingredients also blended well and produced a great taste. This pizza also comes with loads of pineapple chunks of chicken on it. We thoroughly enjoyed this pizza and it's definitely better than the other Pizza chains. I would rate this at 9.7/10 .

Margherita Pizza @ RM 11.90

This too was an excellent pizza. Being thin crusted, it was just made perfectly and the cheese topping was lavish. I enjoyed this more than the previous one and above all, the 8" pizza only cost us RM 11.90 . I would rate this pizza at 10/10 . Excellent one guys!!!

Ice Cream @ RM 2.50

Ice Cream @ RM 2.50
We ended the meal with the above Ice Cream. In my opinion, this restaurant is a great place to get good Italian food. The environment is also very conducive for business discussions, dates and family gatherings. Their service was excellent and I am yet to see a restaurant that is more efficient than this one. If they continue doing what they are doing, I am very sure that this restaurant would do very well and it is surely here to stay.

Address: No. 161, Jalan Kenari 23A, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
                47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1500 & 1800 - 2230 Daily (Closed on Mondays)

Telephone: +603 8075 3081



  1. Used to be nice years ago, but not now!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback.....sad to hear that the quality has dwindled....

    2. Food have improve a lot from the new management. Passion is one of the recipe... Please come and try again...

    3. Food have improve a lot from the new management. Passion is one of the recipe... Please come and try again...