Monday, 10 June 2013

House Frankfurt @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Located along Jalan Telawi 5 in Bangsar Baru is a German restaurant called Restaurant House Frankfurt. This is supposedly the longest running German restaurant in the country. Being fans of German sausages, both Angie and I decided to head here for dinner today. The surprising fact is that I have not heard of this restaurant before and it is sad that I could not find much about this restaurant in the internet too except that it has been featured in Time Out magazine in the past. 

Restaurant House Frankfurt in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Cosy Bar Counter

I love the decor here

See Through Glass Panel into the kitchen
The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating areas. I must say that their decor is absolutely beautiful and well decorated according to the German theme. They have a long bar counter and seriously at the time of visit, there were a number of German patrons having beers here. It seems that this is a famous watering hole among them. From my observation, they serve a number of German beers and other spirits too. There is also a huge area catering for diners. Unfortunately, there were no customers here for food tonight besides us  but I did see a number of finger dishes heading over to the bar counter. Nevertheless, from the Foursquare tips left behind, I was confident that the food would be good. 

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

Well Organised
The moment we arrived at this restaurant, we were greeted by the waiter and he ushered us to our table. I must commend this guy for his friendliness and throughout our stay here, he made sure that he attended to all our needs almost immediately and made our dining experience a good one. Looking at their menu, it was surely a very comprehensive one and they served a number of signature German dishes. I would not say that the price here is expensive as their portion sizes were huge and satisfying. The only negative thing that I noted at this restaurant was a lady whom I believe is the owner. She was friendly with the 'foreign' guests but not with the locals. Never did she acknowledge or even smile at us throughout the hour plus that we were here. Though we were paying customers too, perhaps she felt that we would not be returning customers who would add recurring value to her business. I sincerely feel that this should not be the attitude to be adopted with any customers that walks in to your restaurant or else you would end up losing your prospective loyal customers. I just felt that I should mention this here and I hope that that person does read this review sometime and realise the impact of that gesture.  

Ginger Beer @ RM 6.50

Carrot Juice @ RM 10.00
As it was a school night, I was not in the mood for beers and we went with the above drinks. Angie ordered the Carrot Juice and truly it was one of the purest juices that we have tried ever. At RM 10.00, I feel that it was completely worth it. I would rate this juice at 10/10 .

Garlic Bread
The above Garlic Bread came first but it is included as part of the set that Angie had ordered. She ordered the Thueringer Bratwurst Sausage which I would speak off more later in this entry. To speak of the above Garlic Bread, it was definitely very good. It was very fresh and toasted to just the right level. I would rate this dish at 8.8/10 .

Tagessuppe @ RM 15.00
Tagessouppe literally means soup of the day and today it was Mushroom Soup. I enjoyed this soup very much and I must say that it was authentically prepared. Made from fresh wild mushrooms, this is another excellent dish here. I would rate this soup at 8.5/10 .

750 grams of Grilled Pork Knuckle @ RM 52.00
The above Grilled Pork Knuckle was really huge and well prepared. For the price of RM 52.00, it is truly worth it and this dish is really good for two people. It comes with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. It's definitely a treat to Pork Knuckle lovers. I would rate this dish at 9/10 .

250 grams of Thueringer Bratwurst Sausage @ RM 37.00

The Dip Sauce
This was another excellent dish here. Just like the above Pork Knuckle, this dish too came with Mashed Potato and Sauerkraut. The sausages were excellently grilled and they were really delicious. Another highly recommended dish here. I would rate this dish at 9.8/10 . Though the dish looks small, it is good for one average eater. 

Overall except for the lady bosses attitude, this is a great restaurant that serves really authentic German dishes at reasonable prices. For the quality and quantity of the portion, I would definitely vote for this restaurant. Definitely a great restaurant to visit especially if you love German food. 

Address: No. 12, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 2284 1624

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 1600 - 0000
                            Saturday & Sunday 1200 - 0000

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