Thursday, 6 June 2013

Restoran Bakmi Aloi @ Palembang, Indonesia

Another famous Palembang dish is the Mee Aloi. This generally has two variations to it. The first being Mee Aloi and the other being Bakmi Aloi. The previous is the Halal version of the said dish and the latter is the non Halal version as minced pork is added into the dish. As all of us eat pork, my friend brought us to another one of his classmates place to try the Bakmi Aloi. I was also told that mostly at night, only the Bakmi Aloi is found as most of the Mee Aloi vendors only open their business during the day. This restaurant is located in the Chinese area of Jalan Dempo Luar. 

The Staff Boiling the Noodles
Once we arrived at the restaurant, we took a sneak peak at the noodles station to see how it is done. Typically, there are two types of noodles used for this dish, the egg noodles and the flat noodles. This noodles is then boiled in the soup and then it is topped with minced pork meat and with that, it is ready to be served. 

Choosing Our Yong Tau Foo items
Here, they also have something similar to our Yong Tau Foo in Malaysia. You can choose the various items that you would like to have in a plain soup but please bear in mind that in Bakmi places, all the items are mostly made from pork and not fish.

Waiting For the Dishes
Ordering here is pretty simple and rather quick. After being done with it, we head over to the table and just waited for the dishes to arrive. 

Our Yong Tau Foo Dish
We both had one each of the above soup dish. This came with an assortment of meat and fish which we had each chosen earlier. I would say that the above dish was good. I was pretty greedy with the items and ended up eating more than what I could eat By the time I was finished with the soup, I was already quite full but still I have another dish to try, the Bakmi Aloi. As for this dish, I would rate it at 8.5/10 .

Just About To Start Dinner

Bakmi Aloi
The above dish, comes with a topping of minced pork meat and then you would top it again with chili paste according to your liking and then mix the whole thing up. Only then it is consumed. Most Indonesians prefer this dish to be very spicy but I went with moderate spicy. We did enjoy this dish and the egg noodles went very well with the minced meat and chili paste. Definitely a great local delicacy. I would rate this dish at 8.9/10 .

I would like to suggest that this is also another must try dish for anyone coming to Palembang. It has two options. So if you do not eat pork, you could then go for the Halal version and it is easily available. Just to find the best places, you may need to get the insight of a local. I was told that for the Bakmi Aloi, this is one of the best places and this owner has also a number of branches in Jakarta and other regions in Indonesia.

Address: No. 410 A, Jalan Dempo Luar, 30111 Palembang, Indonesia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

Telephone: 0711 354934

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