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Star Village Steakhouse @ Desa Aman Puri, Kuala Lumpur

My father and brother were in town today. As Western Food is one of my dad's favourite food, I decided to bring them over to this restaurant called Star Village Steakhouse in Desa Aman Puri, Kuala Lumpur. This is not like The Ship or Victoria Station but from what I have heard, they serve some decent grilled items.

Star Village Steakhouse in Desa Aman Puri
Located on higher ground from the road level, this restaurant is quite easy to spot as you drive into Desa Aman Puri. This is their most recent branch. Their first outlet was opened in Overseas Union Gardens and they have then expanded across the Klang Valley. Their other outlets are in Kuchai Lama and Puchong Jaya.

Outside Seating Space

Us Seated Outdoors
When we arrived here today, the place was packed and all the tables were taken. Never did I expect this restaurant to be that crowded. We took a temporary table outside and then within ten minutes, we were relocated to another table, still outdoors. The indoor area could easily seat at least 50 people and the outdoor seating capacity would be another 30, at least. Although this is a Halal restaurant, I did not see any Moslem's here tonight and the majority were Chinese customers with a few tables occupied by some Indian customers. The staffs were extremely busy running up and down taking orders and serving the customers. Even though they were stretched, none of them displayed tiredness on their face and they were efficiently managing the crowd. We were attended to by the Captain who was a Chinese girl. She handed us the menu and said that she would return in about ten minutes to take the orders. 

The Menu

Us Going Through The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
They have a very comprehensive menu which covers a wide range of Western cuisine. The above photos are just some of the pages from the menu. After going through the menu and having decided what to eat, we then called the Captain again and she ran over to take the orders. There were a few side dishes which we had to change from what we had initially decided as they ran out of stock but there were no major changes on the main dishes. 

Sun Tea @ RM 13.90
It took them 15 minutes from the time of order to deliver the drinks. My dad and brother ordered the above Sun Tea. This seems like a mixed concoction and is their number one selling drink here. It tasted like Ribena with a touch of tea. Definitely different but very refreshing. This serving was good for two pax. I would rate the above drink at 9/10 .

Ice Lemon Tea @ RM 5.90
Angie and I ordered the above Ice Lemon Tea for a change as it was really hot tonight. Their Ice Lemon Tea served the purpose well. It was concentrated, perfectly fixed and with the right level of chillness. Excellent drink. I would rate this drink at 10/10 .

Mushroom Soup @ RM 5.50
My dad was the only one to have a soup tonight. At this restaurant they serve only two types of soup, Mushroom Soup and Salmon Soup. My brother had initially ordered the Salmon Soup but then it was sold out and he just dropped the idea of having a soup. Even this was only informed to us after 20 minutes when I was enquiring as to why the soup was not delivered yet. Coming back to this Mushroom Soup, it was pretty nice, definitely not from one of those Campbell cans. The soup was also thick and well prepared and this opinion was seconded by my dad. I would rate this soup at 8.9/10 .

Grilled Cheese Chicken Chop @ RM 23.90
The above Grilled Cheese Chicken Chop was what I had ordered for myself. This dish was only sent after 45 minutes of ordering but we really didn't mind as we were with the family and we had loads of things to talk about. If I was seated alone, then I would have been very unhappy about it. Coming back to the dish, I would say it was quite decent for the price. The Chicken was good and having a slice of cheese above it was an innovative idea. The bun was hard and the coleslaw was just average. Nevertheless, I would say that this dish was decent bearing in the mind the not so expensive price. I would rate this dish at 7/10 .

Chicken Meat Balls @ RM 9.90
The above Chicken Meat Balls was one of the side dishes that we had ordered to share. I find the meat balls to be just average, there was not much of a flavour there and they seemed a little stiff too. Must have been defrosted using a microwave and then immediately deep fried. Definitely not up to the mark. I would rate this dish at 5/10 only. 

Crispy Fried Cuttle Fish @ RM 9.90
And yes, that was the name of this dish on the menu and not Fried Calamaris. This dish was way better then the previous meat balls. It had a crispy coating, deep fried to the right level and does not have an oily after taste to it. I would rate this dish at 6.8/10 .

Cheese Sausage @ RM 9.90
These sausages were really nice. They were nicely done and the cheese in the middle definitely boosted the taste. I must also say that their mashed potato's was also very good. It is not one of those canned and instant items and was made fresh. We enjoyed this dish very much. I would rate this dish at 9.7/10 .

Lamb Chop Mint Sauce @ RM 22.90
This Lamb Chop was ordered by my father and it was very disappointing. Firstly, it was just three extremely thin slices of lamb that was filled with bones and secondly, it was charred. Even the fat had become hard and was like rubber. A total disappointment! I would only rate this at 3.5/10 .  

Sizzling Garlic Chicken Chop @ RM 23.90
This Sizzling dish was ordered by my brother. It looked good and I stole a piece from him just to get a taste of the dish. Not bad, I would say that it was rather good. The spices were balanced and the meat was nicely done. A good dish here. I would rate this dish at 7.7/10 .

Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken Chop @ RM 23.90
Finally after an extremely long wait, Angie's dish arrived. The dish looked good and it came with some mashed potato's and coleslaw. Again, I did try this dish just to taste it and I feel that this too was pretty decent and again the meat was nicely done. I would also rate this dish at 7.7/10 .

Vanilla Ice Cream @ RM 4.90

Strawberry Ice Cream @ RM 4.90
After we were done with the meal, we ordered two scoops of ice cream to be shared among us. Overall, this restaurant is average only. Their Chicken Chop seems to be good but the other dishes are just average, except for the drinks. Nevertheless, for the price it is a nice place to chill with friends but not a good place to go especially if you are very fussy with your food standards. This place cannot be compared to places like Ril's Steakhouse, The Ship, Victoria Station or even Windmill. It is comparable to the second tier restaurants like Papa Chops Mama Grill etc. and remains a local standard Western cuisine. 

Address: 3-2A, Jalan Desa 2/2, Desa Aman Puri,
                52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 1130 - 0000
                            Sunday     1700 - 2330

Telephone: +603 6263 3118 & +6012 274 3117

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