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Rumah Makan Musi Pindang Sekanak @ Palembang, Indonesia

Located along Jalan Depaten Baru in the old city side of Palembang, lies this humble restaurant that serves an authentic dish from Palembang called Pindang Sekanak. This side of the city is quite close to the Musi river bank and is also the main wet market site where fishermen unload their daily catch and it goes directly to the markets. Being the rough side of the city, none will expect that there is such a good restaurant here that serves great food.

Rumah Makan Musi Pindang Sekanak in Palembang
However, this place is very famous among the locals as well as people from the nearby regions. Once we were here today, we had to wait a while before we got a table as it was full house. The place is quite simple and having zinc roof, the place can get quite hot at times, especially noon. 

Scenes in front of this restaurant
This Pindang Sekanak dish is basically a fish dish that is cooked in a dark sauce. There is only two variety of fish used here, either Patin or Baung and both are common fishes from the Musi River. Being located right next to the market ensures that the supply of fish is done daily and the fish is also ensured of it's freshness. 

The Pindang Sekanan Dish
This is the dish that we were waiting to try and today we choose Patin Fish. This is to be eaten with rice. The fish I must say was very delicious, spicy and fresh. It may seem like a simple meal but it was an absolutely delicious one. I am not sure as to what is used for the base soup but for sure there were loads of ground Bird's Eye chili in it. If you would ask me to rate this dish, I would say 10/10 . 

Steamed Cockles
As a side dish, we ordered the above Steamed Cockles in Chili Paste. This is definitely not for those with a sensitive stomach as the cockles are not cooked very thoroughly in the normal way that we would expect them to be. As I am used to Malay / Indonesian style of cooking, I was able to have the above dish but my father was rather hesitant. It is somewhat similar to having Sashimi the first time. The chili paste again was very spicy and the dish was rather nice. I would rate this at 8/10 . 

Us Enjoying Lunch
Overall, I must say that the Pindang Sekanak dish was lovely and was beyond what I expected it to be. In a single glance, the restaurant may seem very simple but once you have tried the food, you can get hooked on to it. I guess I would be definitely coming back again in the course of the next few days to have this dish again.

Address: No. 241, Jl. Depaten Baru, Palembang, Indonesia.

Telephone: 0711 314980

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

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