Thursday, 18 May 2017

Hong Hong Chicken Rice @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Hong Hong Chicken Rice is a restaurant in Cyberjaya that is famous for it's Roasted Chicken. Though they have been around for a number of years, I have not had the opportunity to visit them. One of the reasons for this is simply because parking is very difficult during the day around this area and that is why I decided to drop by for dinner today. 

The Restaurant Along Jalan GC 4, Cyberjaya

Pork Free Restaurant

Simple And Nice Interior
The restaurant was rather quiet when I arrived with no other customers. I guess most of them would come here for lunch. Another thing that looked peculiar to me was the lighting that was very dim. It was so dim that it was even difficult for me to read the menu. I wonder why they do this. Cost cutting measures? Maybe. Perhaps, they don't expect customers for dinner. All their staffs were Indonesian Muslims including the one's in the kitchen. Since they are a pork free restaurant, I guess this is not a problem but I became worried as to how the dish would taste since they were preparing it. 

My Bill

Drinks Corner

Ice Lemon Tea
Most of their dishes come in sets i.e. a main dish plus free flow of house pouring drinks and this is priced at RM 7.90 . Predominantly, their dishes were around Wantan Noodles with Roasted Chicken and Chicken Rice. I was not in the mood for rice at this hour and so I went for their Wantan with Roasted Chicken plus I ordered another Steamed Beancurd with Onion Oil. As for the drinks, I went for their Ice Lemon Tea. Do note that this is self service and you would have to pick up your drinks from the drinks area. The Ice Lemon Tea was not bad and I would rate it 7/10. 

Wantan Mee with Roast Chicken @ RM 7.90

Wantan Mee With Roast Chicken
I need to break this up into two sections. Firstly, let me speak about their Roast Chicken. Their Roast Chicken was excellent. Beautifully marinated and roasted to perfection. The skin was crispy and delicious and the meat was tender and juicy. For this, I would give 8/10. Now coming to the Wantan Noodles itself. That was horrible. Seriously the worst Wantan Mee that I have tasted. It was bland, no salt and the noodles wasn't even softened perfectly. 0/10 is what I would give for this. True enough, my fear did come true and the guy's in the kitchen did kill this dish. 

Steamed Beancurd in Onion Oil @ RM 3.00
This I believe must have been a ready made dish where the staffs would have had to only add the sauces and luckily, this was good. The Beancurd itself was delicious, fresh and the texture was just right and the blend of sauces were just perfect. This I would rate at 8/10. 

If you wish to come to this restaurant, my recommendation would be to come in the afternoons when the owner is around and he fixes the dishes. Otherwise, you might end up being served bland, tasteless noodles like what happened this evening. Nevertheless, their Roasted Chicken was very good and so was their Steamed Beancurd. Those two would be items that you could boldly try day or night since it has been prepared much earlier. 

Address: No.2, Jalan GC4, Glomac Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 2100 Daily

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