Sunday, 28 May 2017

Regina's Homemade Bak Chang @ Puchong, Selangor

It's the Dragon Boat Festival now and a must have during these times are Bak Chang, a Chinese delicacy that's made with glutinous rice and various stuffing. When this season arrives, you have a huge number of stalls that mushroom all over Malaysia selling this item. Of course, we do have a handful of restaurants that specialise in this as well and only make it during this festive season. For a change, I wanted to try one of those homemade Bak Chang's that's sold online via Facebook and that's when we stumbled across Ms. Regina See.

Bak Chang with Salted Egg @ RM 6.50
With Regina, ordering is quite simple. You'd only need to inbox her your contact details and the type of Bak Chang that you want and where you would be picking it up. The minimum order quantity is three and she has a few designated pick up points in the Klang Valley. The variety that she offers are Chicken Chang (with @ RM 6.00 each and without dried shrimps @ RM 5.50 each), Bak Chang (with @ RM 6.50 each and without salted eggs @ RM 6.00 each) and Kee Chang at RM 2.00 each. I don't really fancy the rest and so ordered the Bak Chang only.  

Bak Chang with Salted Eggs

Salted Eggs with a variety of other ingredients
Generally, her  Bak Chang was quite okay. I won't say that it was great but it came with a good variety of ingredients. There could have been more salted egg and that would have enhanced the taste. However, what I liked about this was the low level of greasiness. The texture was soft and nice too. If I were to rate this, I would give it 7/10. Worth giving it a try if you're looking for homemade ones.

Contact Details: Ms. Regina See
Telephone: +6017 6784 900


  1. thank you so much for ordering my homemade bak chang

    i always believe, my customers deserve the best homemade food from me.


  2. I am a Punjabi but have grown up with Chinese friends, hence i have eaten bak chang growing up, I ordered the bak chang from Regina and it's the best that i have had in a few years!!

  3. thank you, dear amarjit kaur for your feedback and support

    i will strive for better