Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Techno Cafe @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Sometime early last month, I posted an entry about Techno Cafe which is located inside SME Technopreneur Centre, Cyberjaya. That entry was mainly focused on the breakfast items as well as tea time snacks that's available at this cafe daily. I had also highlighted then that they do have a good lunch spread. Following that, some of my friends did message me asking to post another entry focusing on lunch and this entry is for them. 

My Lunch @ RM 9.00
The spread during lunch hour is magnificent and you'd get close to 30 dishes daily (Monday - Friday), of course they are all Malay dishes with a handful of Indonesian food items. Lunch commences around 11 am and by 1.30 pm, they would be mostly sold out. So, to be able to enjoy that variety, it is always advisable to come early. Today, I had rice, Prawn Sambal, Grilled Fish, Kicap Omelette, Salted Eggs and some Sambal Belacan, all this for RM 9.00 only. 

Prawn Sambal

Kicap Omelette & Salted Eggs
The Prawn Sambal was excellent. Medium sized prawns were used and the dish was sweet and spicy, just the way it should be. The prawns too were not overcooked, thus ensuring that it's still tender and juicy. I would rate this at 8/10. The Kicap Omelette was another creative preparation that tasted great. This, I would rate at 9/10. 

Grilled Fish & Sambal Belacan
The Grilled Fish was excellent. They do have a variety of fish to choose from and so, it's not just limited to this. Perfectly spiced, wrapped around with a piece of Banana Leaf and grilled. It was quite spicy to be honest but savoury. I would give this 9/10. Their Sambal Belacan was heavenly. If you love spicy food, then you have got to taste this. It's the kind of spicy that could sting you but I loved it. I would give this 10/10. 

Sirap Bandung @ RM 2.50
To cap off my spicy meal, I went for this Iced Sirap Bandung which was priced at RM 2.50 . A wonderful concoction that would tame the spiciness in a split second. Just the right drink to partner with that earlier meal. I would give this 9/10 as well. 

If you're a fan of Malay food, then I would definitely recommend this cafe. Each and every item that I tasted was good and they have roughly 30 dishes to choose from. Only setback would be that you would need to come early as it sells fast. A must try place in Cyberjaya. 

Address: Techno Cafe, SME Technopreneur Centre, 2270 Jalan Usahawan 2, 
                63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1600 Mondays - Fridays

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