Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Restoran Culinary Pleasure @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

It has been a long time since I had Arabic food. There was a phase in my life where I used to be crazy of Arabic food and I would patronise at least two restaurants a week. Gone are those days and after a long time, I had the urge to visit one. Luckily, there are so many of them in Cyberjaya. In fact, after Indian restaurants, the second largest cuisine in Cyberjaya would be Arabic. While looking for a place to visit, I did read some reviews and was told that this place does some of the best lamb dishes. Being a huge fan of lamb, I just could not resist. 

The Restaurant in CBD 2, Cyberjaya

Outdoor Seating Area

A Posh Indoor Seating Area

See Through Kitchen Concept
From outside, this restaurant seemed a little run down but once inside, it was the total opposite. The concept was luxurious and there were sub cubicle like small private dining areas and each one of the had a TV set. The staffs were very friendly and being an Indian, they assumed that I was not familiar with Arabic food and took the time to patiently explain each and every dish. 

Drinking Water On The House
The above are just a few pages from their colourful and illustrious menu. They have an extensive range of dishes and all seemed to be reasonably priced. Another thing that impressed me was that they do not charge for drinking water, be it iced water or warm water. When most restaurants charge for these nowadays, it was just a pleasant surprise that these guys don't. Once we were done with the ordering, the chef got to work and we could clearly see and smell the dishes as he was preparing them since he was behind a semi covered glass partition. 

Lamb Zurbian @ RM 22.90
Lamb Zurbian is one of the top sellers here and a rare dish to find in restaurants. The lamb which is inside the rice is slow cooked over amber for 24 hours and as a result, it becomes so soft and has a cotton like texture. The rice is topped with spices and served with the Arabic version of Chicken Kurma which is what you see in the side bowl. I must confess that it was a heavenly dish. The mixture of rice and lamb was so good and the Kurma was an absolute delight. The Kurma didn't taste like the usual Indian style Kurma. It was slightly salty and tasted something like the Campbell's Chicken Soup, perhaps a cross between that and Kurma. In short, a must try dish here and this deserves 10/10 for sure. 

Wraps For The Fajitas

Lamb Fajita @ RM 29.90

Chili Dip

Do It Yourself Wraps
The Lamb Fajitas were served on a hot grill and the wraps were served separately in a cane container. Along with that, there was some chili dip just in case you wanted it to be spicy. The lamb itself was heavenly. I could go on eating this forever. Seriously, it was that good. The lamb tasted very similar to corned mutton and came with the perfect blend of capsicum, onions, garlic, carrots and herbs. Wrap it yourself and you're done. This was the fastest dish to finish. Each one of us were so much into this dish as it was so good. If I were to rate this, I would give it 10/10. 

Chicken Parmesana @ RM 20.90
Their Chicken Parmesana was another good dish. Rich in tomato sauce and a blend of other ingredients. In fact, the grilled chicken was huge too and it was so tasty. You can't see the full size here as it is mostly covered. 8/10 for this!

Bill For The Day
If you're into lamb and Arabic food, then I would suggest you to give this place a try. Their lamb dishes were simply amazing. Heavenly stuff that's cooked with perfect skills. Even their Chicken dish was good but nowhere close to their lamb dishes. Lamb Zurbian and Lamb Fajitas are two must try dishes here!

Address: CBD Perdana 2, Jalan Perdana, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 -  2300 Daily

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