Friday, 5 May 2017

SSR Curry House (ANZGAM Club House) @ Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Having been closed for a while, the Banana Leaf Rice scene at ANZGAM Club House in Petaling Jaya is now open again. The new proprietor, Mr. Kumar and family, runs this place under the brand name SSR Curry House. I did read about them on Facebook and there seems to be lots of positive feedback. Being fans of Banana Leaf Rice meals, we decided to drop by this afternoon. 

ANZGAM Club House along Jalan Utara B, Petaling Jaya

Their Brand Name

A Variety of Fish Freshly Fried Upon Request

Simple Yet Comfortable Dining Hall

Mr. Kumar has recently taken over this place and it has been running for about a week or so now. Business hours are from 11.30 am till 3.00 pm and they cater for lunch and tea. There are plans to extend this for dinner as well but at present, it is solely lunch and tea time. Another thing that impressed me was that he stands at the entrance and personally greets customers. This is a gesture that you hardly get at other places and makes you feel very much welcomed. At the porch area, there is a table with stacks of marinated fish for you to choose from. This then would be fried upon request based on the type of fish and cuts that you choose. Great way to serve freshly fried fish to customers. 

Once you walk in, you would see a range of vegetarian and non vegetarian curries and dishes in earthen pots neatly arranged along the walls. Just today, there were 15 dishes that were prepared and these are rotated on a daily basis and they all looked so good and inviting. Payasam, Banana and the drink of the day is provided complimentary to all customers. Customer service was top notch as all the staffs and some family members join together in attending to customers needs. Never would you be left alone and they keep coming back to you to ask if you would want to top up any veggies or rice. 

Our Lunch For The Day
One could opt to go for meals on plates or Banana Leaf concept. We went for the Banana Leaf Meal and it was priced at RM 6.00 . Besides that, we added a plate of Egg, Sotong Sambal, Fried Masala Prawns, two Crabs and a slice of Fried Tenggiri Fish. The basic meal itself comes with three vegetables, fried Bitter Gourd, Appalam, Payasam and a Banana. 

Crab Curry And Thannichaar
One of the top sellers here is their Crab Curry and Mutton Curry. Since we went for a lot of other meat items, we skipped their Mutton Curry today but it did look awesome. So I had their Crab Curry and Thannichaar. Their Crab Curry was definitely very good and lived up to all the positive feedback that seems to be going around on social media. And their Thannichaar was tasty as well. If I were to rate these, I would give 9/10 to the previous and 8/10 to the latter. Crab Curry is a must try here!

The choice of vegetables served was not the typical run of the mill. They served us Fried Potatoes, Pumpkin, Cucumber & Pineapple and Fried Bitter Gourd. All of them were deliciously prepared and served with love. All the vegetables that we tried deserve 9/10 for sure. 


Fried Masala Prawns
Their Crabs were very good. Cooked in thick curry (which is the same one that is served as gravy), it was lip smacking good. The flavours were so perfect and it was highly addictive. Their Masala Prawns were equally good. Fried to perfection and marinated in spicy gravy that gave it some robust flavours. Both deserve 9/10 for sure. 

Sotong Sambal

Their Sotong Sambal was sweet and spicy, a beautiful blend of flavours, but not as spicy as their prawns. So, this would be go well with those that can't take spicy food. The Egg dish that we tried was very tasty as well. Simple yet delicious. Both of these deserve 8/10. 

Fried Tenggiri Fish

The Fried Tenggiri Fish was so good and both of us were in love with it. Crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside, the marination was simply superb and it was served with no traces of greasiness. Payasam was another perfect treat and a great way to cap off the awesome meal. It was thick, rich in milk and ingredients. Superb is all that I can say. If I were to rate these, I would give them both 9/10. 

SSR Curry House that is located in ANZGAM Club House PJ is a must try place for South Indian food lovers. Despite being one that has recently opened, they are doing an amazing job and the food was very tasty. Not only that, I find their prices to be very reasonable too. This afternoon, we had 2 Banana Leaf Rice Meals which comes with 4 vegetables, a plate of Egg, a plate of Sotong Sambal, a plate of Fried Masala Prawns, 2 Crabs and Payasam and all this was just RM 45.00 . In my opinion, that's a fantastic deal. Not to forget the customer service which makes you feel so much at home.A highly recommend place!

Address: ANZGAM Club House, No. 3, Lorong Utara B, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1500 Wednesday - Monday
                             Closed on Tuesdays 

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