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Hagen Bake & Brew @ Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Hagen Bake & Brew used to be one of the most famous bakery's in Mont Kiara until recently when they had stopped their baking business and switched over to grilled meat and stuffs with a particular interest on Pork dishes. Well it is a good thing though since restaurants in this part of Mont Kiara mainly caters for the general crowd and they all have the Halal status and there aren't any good places that I can think of to have a good Porky meal. This restaurant is located in Mont Kiara Shoplex right above Las Vacas Meat Shop and has to be accessed from The Coffee Bean and  Ramen Taiko side. 

Hagen Bake & Brew at Mont Kiara Shoplex

Access To The Restaurant

The Smoker's Dining Area
To get to this restaurant, you would need to use the flight of stairs heading in to Ramen Taiko which takes you to the elevated area. From the road, this may seem like the floor above Las Vacas but such is the terrain. The restaurant is split into two areas, the non smoking area which is rather small and the smoking area which has more tables and is much more spacious. Despite it being a smoking area, they still do have air conditioners there which keeps the place cool.This restaurant has just a handful of staffs, if I remember it right, there were just the three of them and the most senior gentleman was the one facing the customers and taking the orders. 

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
The above is just a few pages from their menu and as you can see, the emphasis has mostly been around Pork based dishes. Their prices are also quite reasonable and the latest addition to their menu has been their burgers. They also have a good selection of wines and beers available in house. Their breakfast menu too seems very impressive but they stop serving breakfast at 11 am daily. Being a fan of Lamb, I wanted to try their Lamb Burger but the gentleman taking my orders kept pestering me to try their Grilled Lamb Shoulder and I thought to myself, if he keeps repeating it then there must be some truth to it and I just gave in. After all, there wasn't much of a price difference between the two dishes and so I was confident that he was not just trying to up-sell me into having a more expensive dish. 

Latte @ RM 6.50
The Latte was nice but it came in an extremely small glass. For the price I definitely expected more but it was fixed nicely. I would rate their Latte at 8.3/10 .

Pork Sausages Wrapped with Pork Bacon @ RM 10.00
This dish was really good. It was Pork Sausages being wrapped with Pork Bacon and was served with some sauce and in a bamboo skewer. I literally fell in love with this dish. Every bite was heavenly. The sausage and bacon definitely churned out some great juices when combined together and it was just a feast to the palate. A must try dish here. I would rate this at 10/10 .

Grilled Lamb Shoulder @ RM 28.00
This was a huge dish. For RM 28.00, it came with two large slices of Lamb Shoulder, Potato with Garlic Cheese, a Salad and Mint Sauce. I shall comment on each of those individually.

Potato with Garlic Cheese
This was really good and went very well with the meat. The toppings added to the fried potato were grated cheese which was infused with garlic. A well prepared side dish and I would rate this at 9/10 .

The Salad was just quite ordinary and there was nothing special to it. I would only rate it at 5/10 .

Lamb Shoulders
There were two huge cuts of Lamb Shoulders and they were quite lean with minimal fat. The Mint Sauce provided was really a good preparation that went very well with the meat. It had the right amount of vinegar too making it a perfect Mint Sauce. The meat was on the hard side since it is the Lamb Shoulder but it was nice and juicy. Now I know why the waiter kept insisting that I should try this. Definitely a good dish and much better than what you get from their neighbours downstairs and I'm sure you know who that is. I would rate this dish at 8.8/10 .

Overall, I was very satisfied with the food here and the service was also up to the mark. The ambiance was great and it gives you a nice environment to have conversations or even work related discussions. Thumbs up to the team for their good food and great service.

Address: Lot 1E, New Wing, Ground Floor, Mont Kiara Shoplex,
                Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 6201 1628

Opening Hours: Mon 1700 - 0000
                           Tues - Sat 0800 - 0000
                           Sun 0800 - 1700

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