Friday, 25 October 2013

Sushi Tomo @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Initially, I wanted to go to a different Ramen shop in SS2 but due to the bad traffic conditions and lack of parking space, I ended up at this restaurant called Sushi Tomo. Sushi Tomo is supposedly one of those authentic Japanese restaurants that is owned by a Japanese couple. Do note that this restaurant is Pork Free but they do offer alcohol on their menu. 

Sushi Tomo at SS2

Interior of the Restaurant
True enough. When I walked in, I was greeted in Japanese by their local Malaysian staffs which is common but then the lady behind the cashier counter which seemed like the owner's wife, was Japanese and she too greeted all the customers that walked in. Most of their customers here tonight were Malaysian Chinese and I did not see a single Japanese customer in the house. That raised my suspicion on the true authenticity of the food but since I am already here, I'd rather try their food than being prejudiced without even tasting it. The restaurant must have been around for some time now as their decor and furniture seemed a little run down. I took a table towards the far end of the restaurant where I could observe the Chef's at work as there was a see through glass panel separating the dining hall and the kitchen.

The Menu

The Menu
The above are just two pages from their extensive menu. They seemed to offer a number of Sushi's, Sashimi's, Ramen and some Western-Japanese fusion dishes. I was looking for my favourite Gyoza but could not find it and it was later confirmed by the waitress that that item is not served here. Also their prices seemed a tad higher than the other common Japanese restaurants (not to include those high end ones) and I was hoping that the portion sizes commensurate with it. Having placed my orders, it was just a brief wait before the dishes started coming one by one.

Green Tea @ RM 2.00
I ordered the above Hot Green Tea and it comes at RM 2.00 which is the standard price almost everywhere and it is refillable. However, the Green Tea here seemed a little light in taste and flavour. I did not quite like it and I would only rate it at 6/10 .

Chawanmushi @ RM 3.90
Their Chawanmushi was quite bare and lacked the ingredients both inside as well as the toppings. The taste was also very average and it was rather flat to my palate. Seemed like a very stingy preparation. I would rate this at only 4/10 .Not worth the price paid.

California Maki Rolls @ RM 5.90
I was charged RM 5.90 for just two small pieces of the above California Maki Rolls which I felt was very unreasonable. Moreover, the cucumber and the rest of the filings were quite stale and disappointing. This was probably the worst California Maki Rolls that I have tried and I did not expect this from a restaurant owned by a Japanese. I would rate this dish at 2.5/10 . 

Miso Ramen @ RM 16.90
Having tried the previous two dishes, I was expecting this Ramen to be quite bad too but it took me by surprise. This is probably the best Miso Ramen that I have ever tried and the portion was huge. The broth was absolutely delicious and there were loads of Chicken and vegetables in the soup. An excellent preparation. I would rate this dish at 9.5/10 .

Salmon Teriyaki @ RM 17.90
The Salmon Teriyaki was a disaster. The portion was ridiculously small, the fish was extremely dry, tasteless and hard so much so it can snap into two, literally. In order to give it some flavour, I had to dip it into the Soy Sauce otherwise, it tasted plain flat. Being a Salmon lover, it was an utter disappointment.I would rate this dish at 1/10 .

On the whole, this place seemed not the ideal place to have Sushi's and other Japanese stuffs but it definitely is a good place if you only want to have Ramen. The prices were generally slightly higher, the taste was not satisfactory and the service too was just average. Just to mention here, halfway while eating (with still an hour to go before closing time) the waitress came up to me with the bill and just stood in front of me insisting that I had to pay up which I felt was very rude. I was taken aback by it and in my mind made a mental note not to ever return to this place again even if all the other Japanese restaurants in the Klang Valley close down. 

Address: 8, Jalan SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 7877 6485

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 1200 - 1500 & 1800 - 2300
                           Sat & Sun 1200 - 1600 & 1800 - 2300


  1. I totally agree. We walked in on the 22 Feb 2015, the lady boss face was like a lemon. Did we look like the non-paying type? The entire dinner was a horrible experience given how long this establishment has been around. Would not go back even if they offered me a million bucks. My 2 kupang.

    1. Ha ha, thanks for enforcing my views once again William Koh. And I'm disappointed that this happened to you as well despite numerous negative feedback on the Internet. Thanks for taking the time and providing your feedback too. Best regards, Venoth