Thursday, 15 January 2015

Gerai Makan Neelawathi @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Gerai Makan Neelawathi is located along Jalan Changkat Asa on the Ulu Bernam side of town. All these years, this restaurant has only been operating from 6 am till 6 pm but recently, after the father is done with the day time business, the daughter and son in law have taken over and started the night business too. This is believe has just started commencing this week.

Gerai Makan Neelawathi along Jalan Changkat Asa

Quite A Number of Customers At Night Too

It was Quite Crowded

A Lot Of Customers
I was here with a friend and when we arrived, it was close to 10.30 pm and the place was crowded. We stayed on till past midnight and even at those hours, there were quite a number of people coming in for a quick meal. Their night business commences around 6.30 pm and goes on till 2.00 am. During this time, they serve simple meals like Roti Canai, Capati, Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng and a few other light dishes. The son in law was the one taking the orders and food preparation was done by his wife. They also had some additional help in the kitchen by hired workers. 

Milo O @ RM 1.30

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.10
Despite being crowded, they managed the crowd very well. Our drinks arrived in less than 10 minutes from the time we placed our orders. Their Milo O was good and so was their Teh Tarik. I would rate their drinks at 9/10 . Prices of the drinks too were very reasonable.

Nasi Lemak @ RM 4.00

Comes With An Omelette

Nasi Lemak

Fried Egg

Sambal, Peanuts and Anchovies
Their Nasi Lemak was served on a plate and was priced at RM 4.00 . The ingredients were standard items that one would usually get. I feel that the price is slightly on the high side. The going rate in town is around RM 2.50 to RM 3.50 and that is what one would pay for the same Nasi Lemak at these Malay restaurants that operate at night. Taste wise, it had a hint of Indian Spices and did not taste similar to the Malay style of preparation. I would rate this at 7/10 . I am definitely of the opinion that the price has got to be adjusted for this dish.


As it was Ponggal today, which is the Tamil Harvest Festival, they served free Payasam to all that came today. This is a wonderful gesture and I would applaud them for doing this. The Payasam tasted good too. 

Overall, I was quite happy with the late supper that we had here today except for the slightly pricey Nasi Lemak. Otherwise, it was a good meal and the environment was good too. Definitely a place that I would be patronising more often, especially to satisfy my late night cravings.

Address: Lot 1050, Jalan Changkat Asa, 
                35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1830 - 0200 Daily (Closed on Sunday's)

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