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Neighbourhood Food Court @ Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Neighbourhood Food Court in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara needs no introduction as it has been around for many years now. This is one of those food courts that is open 24 hours daily. If you come into Dataran Sunway, this is located right in the center and is attached to the multi storey car park. 

Neighbourhood Food Court in Kota Damansara

Well Lit Up

Quite  A Number Of Stalls

A Variety Of  Food Options

Mostly Crowded
This is not the first time that we are patronising this place but of late, there has been a revamp and many stalls are now being run by the anchor tenant with just a handful of stalls which have been sub let to other operators. After the revamp, this would be our first trip here. Since the renovation had taken place recently, we decided to walk around and scout the place. After having made our individual rounds, we returned to the table after placing our individual orders at the preferred food stalls. 

Penang Prawn Mee Stall

Selective Dishes Offered Here

Penang Prawn Mee @ RM 6.00

Penang Prawn Mee @ RM 6.00

Chili Paste
My Dad is a fan of Prawn Mee and whenever he sights a stall selling this, he would definitely go for it. The previous operator was very famous for his Prawn Mee and had quite a number of newspaper write ups dedicated to him. These guys however, are part of the anchor tenant and he has employed foreign labour to man the stall. We still went for the Prawn Mee and it was priced at RM 6.00 . Slightly pricey for this place but still an acceptable level of pricing. The Prawn Mee was nice, in fact it was quite good. It was served along with the Chili Paste and the noodles came in a delicious Prawn Soup.A satisfying bowl of Prawn Mee it was and I shall rate this at 8/10 .

Fried Oyster Stall

Their Offerings

Prices Of Dishes

Fried Oyster Omelette @ RM 10.00

Fried Oyster Omelette @ RM 10.00
This Oyster Omelette Stall was at the other end and this was my brother's dinner. The Fried Oyster Omelette was nice, mildly spiced and lightly salted, it was a good dish. The price too commensurated the portion. I would rate this at 8.5/10 . Quite nice I would say.

Popiah Stall

A Variety Of Popiah's

A Variety Of Popiah's

Wet Popiah @ RM 4.50

Wet Popiah @ RM 4.50
The Popiah Stall is located just beside the Fried Oyster Stall. She had a variety of different Popiah types but I went for the Wet Popiah as it is favoured by all of us. This dish was meant to be shared by all. It was priced at RM 4.50 for a set of two, just like the above photograph. Although the price was reasonable, the Popiah itself was horrible. Firstly, it was loosely wrapped and once you tried to lift it, it just breaks. The ingredients used too were not up to the mark and the chili sauce was simply insufficient. Not a recommended Popiah and I would rate this at 3/10 . 

Curry Mee Stall

Curry Mee & Wan Ton Mee

Curry Mee @ RM 6.00

Curry Mee @ RM 6.00

Chili Paste
As for my dinner, I ordered the Curry Mee which is from the Wan Ton Mee stall that is located right beside the Prawn Mee Stall. A bowl of noodles were priced at RM 6.00 . When it arrived, I realised that it was not the usual Curry Mee but the Curry Chicken Mee. The preparation was very nice and I loved the thick curry that was provided. There were lavish amounts of Tofu and Curried Chicken provided in the dish. Taste was good and I would rate this at 9/10 .

In summary, the place has definitely improved after the renovations. All the dishes that we ordered today were nice, except for the Popiah which was sub standard. Prices are slightly high, otherwise a great place to come all day long.

Address: East Wing, Central Park, Jalan PJU 5/7, Dataran Sunway,
                 Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 0200 For Most Stalls

Telephone: +603 6148 2290

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