Saturday, 17 January 2015

WTC Cafe @ Rawang, Selangor

WTC Cafe is located in the heart of Rawang Town, just along Jalan Bandar Rawang 1. It has been ages since I entered Rawang town, usually I would just visit the Indian restaurants located along Jalan Welman and then head back into the highway. Since we were in town today, my father who is more familiar with this place, suggested for us to have dinner at this place called WTC. He was strongly recommending this place and mentioned that the food here is very good. He hardly gives out such recommendations and whenever he does, it always turns out to be correct and so, my brother and I decided to just tag along. 

WTC Along Jalan Bandar Rawang 1

The Older WTC

New WTC Directly Opposite The Older One

Interior Of The Older WTC

Spoilt For Choices

More Stalls
Parking can be difficult in this area and it is advisable to park slightly further, usually around 100 meters away from this restaurant. As we walked towards the restaurant, I could see a huge food court on both sides of the road. On the left was the old WTC which easily had about 20 stalls and on the right, the new WTC which is called WTC2 which again had quite a large population of stalls. Both places seemed crowded. Looking at the crowd, it just reinforced my conviction that the food here must indeed be good. WTC2 looked a little more cramped and crowded and so we decided to find a place to sit in the older WTC.

Chinese Tea @ RM 0.50 per Glass

Coca Cola @ RM 2.00
If we had been slightly late, it would have been impossible to find a place to sit. Once we took our seats, we ordered the drinks and it was sent over to the table within minutes. Then, we took turns to walk around and check out the stalls and place our orders individually.

Curry Mee & Fish Ball Soup Stall

Curry Mee @ RM 5.00

Curry Mee @ RM 5.00

Chili Paste

The Curry Mee was awesome. It came with a very rich and thick curry and had Curry Chicken, some Long Beans, Cockles, Bean Sprouts, Tofu and Fish Cake slices added to the dish. Everything about this dish was perfect and flawless. I would highly recommend this dish and would rate it at 9.7/10 .

Fish Ball Soup @ RM 4.50

Fish Ball Soup @ RM 4.50
Besides the Curry Mee, we also ordered a bowl of soup with Fish Balls. Ten Fish Balls were priced at RM 4.50 . The soup was just okay but the Fish Balls were very good. It's the old fashioned style Fish Balls. They were soft and fluffy, just like cotton. Clearly no flour were added to the dough and no Boric Acid had been added too. Loved them! I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

Prawn Mee Stall

Prawn Mee @ RM 4.50

Prawn Mee @ RM 4.50

Chili Paste
Their Prawn Mee too was very good. Much better than what is served in many of those so called famous outlets. The Prawn Mee came with some shrimps, sliced pork, eggs and a lovely soup. My dad who is generally fussy with his Prawn Mee loved this preparation too. I would rate this at 9.3/10 .

Popiah Stall

Popiah @ RM 2.00 each

Popiah @ RM 2.00 each
The Popiah was again very good. The skin was soft and the filling was so delicious. It was crunchy, creamy and the lavish amount of chili sauce added a zing to it. Very impressed! I would rate this at 9/10 .

Char Kuey Teow Stall

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 4.50

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 4.50
The Char Kuey Teow was a heavenly delight! It was super good. The flavours were all perfect, just the way a plate of excellent Char Kuey Teow should be. I would rate this at 9.7/10 .

Us Enjoying Our Dinner
Overall, I am very happy with this place and indeed glad that my dad introduced me to this restaurant. Every single dish that we tried was delicious. Not a single dish which I could side out and say....hey this was so so only. A place that I would recommend and I am definitely coming again soon to try out the other dishes available here. 

Address: Along Jalan Bandar Rawang 1, Pusat Bandar Rawang,
                48000 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1800 - 0000 Daily

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