Monday, 12 January 2015

Restoran Khalifah @ Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Restoran Khalifah has numerous branches in Kota Damansara and this particular outlet is located in Section 5, Kota Damansara which is very close to Sunway Giza and the Kota Damansara Toll Plaza. Located close to the housing area, this restaurant backs the main trunk road heading to the toll plaza and is facing the houses. Many may not know that this restaurant exists here except for the locals who live nearby. Most people would only know of Restaurant Naina Mohammad which faces the main road.

Restaurant Khalifah in Seksyen 5, Kota Damansara

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Cashier And Drinks Counter

We were here at tea time today. Usually this restaurant is quite crowded during lunch hours but generally quiet after that, except for the wee hours of the morning as this restaurant operates around the clock. I have tried the other Restaurant Khalifah which is located on the old side of Kota Damansara but never dined at this outlet yet. The curries at the other outlet is quite good and I assume that they should be good here too. 

Teh O Ice @ RM 1.60

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.50
Just like the other Indian Muslim restaurants, the tea here too was quite good. Their Teh O Ice was priced at RM 1.60 and the Teh Tarik was RM 1.50 . Both were good and I would rate their drinks at 9/10 .

Masala and Ulunthu Vadai
Tea time snacks were limited as I was hoping that they would have some Curry Puffs but all that they had were the above Masala and Ulunthu Vadai's. 

Masala Vadai @ RM 0.80 each
Their Masala Vadai was quite nice. It was crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and spicy on the inside. Definitely a well done Masala Vadai and I would rate this at 8.5/10 .

Ulunthu Vadai @ RM 0.80 each
Their Ulunthu Vadai however was quite disappointing. It was a tad too oily and that spoilt the taste. Very soggy too. I would only rate this at 4/10 as it does not deserve anything more than that.

Chicken Murtabak @ RM 7.00
My brother ordered a Chicken Murtabak and this was served with some Chicken Curry, Dhall and Onion gravy on the sides. 

Chicken Murtabak @ RM 7.00
Their Chicken Murtabak was tasty. It had a thin and crispy skin and came with a thick and lavish filling of chicken and other ingredients. Priced at RM 7.00 , I feel that the size commensurate the price. I would rate this at 8.9/10 .

Onion Gravy
The Onion Gravy was horrible! It was the worst and weirdest thing that I have tasted in my life. Horrible....absolutely horrible!!! It was made without care. I would rate this at 0/10 . Definitely NOT EDIBLE!

Chicken Curry
Their Chicken Curry was very tasty. Glad that this was good after the experience with the Onion Gravy. Seeing this, I am confident that their Nasi Kandar would be quite good too. This Chicken Curry deserves a rating of 9/10 .

Their Dhall too was quite nice but there is room for more improvement. I would rate this at 7.5/10 . Overall, we were happy with the drinks, their Masala Vadai was good, the curries and Chicken Murtabak were good. The only disappointment today was their Onion Gravy which was a food lovers' worst nightmare and the Ulunthu Vadai which was soggy and oily. I would surely return someday to try out their Nasi Kandar dishes. 

Address: Jalan Sepah Puteri 5/1A, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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