Sunday, 18 January 2015

Thai Xpress Stall in Restoran Ah Sai @ Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya

Located right in the middle of Perdana Business Centre in Damansara Perdana is a common Chinese restaurant called Restaurant Ah Sai which works like a typical Chinese restaurant whereby there are a number of stalls occupying the premise and the main tenant usually supplies the drinks. I have been here a number of times and tried the various stalls which I have blogged on before. Tonight, my brother and I have been busy running errands and by the time we arrived in Damansara Perdana, it was already 10.30 pm . We did not have much choice but to come here for a quick meal.

Restoran Ah Sai in Damansara Perdana

Customer Busy Watching TV

The Only Other Stall Open At This Hour
At this hour, there were only two stalls that were still open and the rest were already closed for the day. One was a Chinese Noodle stall and the other was this Thai Stall called Thai Xpress. We decided to try the Thai Stall tonight.

Thai Xpress Stall

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
This stall had quite a number of food items and they were all clearly displayed at the stall. This stall was manned by two foreign men, one helping with taking the orders, delivery and cash collection and the other was the chef. We decided on what we wanted to have, placed our orders and then returned to our table. I believe that this stall is owned by the restaurant owner and not independent operators. This stall opens from 11 am till 11 pm daily.

Petai Fried Rice @ RM 6.00

Petai Fried Rice @ RM 6.00

Spicy Sambal
I ordered the above Petai Fried Rice and it was the first to be sent over. Priced at RM 6.00, the portion was huge and came with lots of Petai and not just a handful for namesake. Taste wise, it was very good. Mildly spicy, the Fried Rice and Petai combination was superb. They also provided some very spicy Sambal on the sides and that too was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. My rating for this shall,be 9.3/10 .

USA Style Fried Rice @ RM 6.50

Fried Rice

Spicy Pork Sambal

Pork Frankfurters


Spicy Sambal
The USA Style Fried Rice was priced slightly higher at RM 6.50 and it was worth the price paid. There was a bowl full of Fried Rice, some Pork Sambal, Pork Frankfurters, Omelette and the same spicy Sambal on the sides. Taste wise, it was good but when comparing the two, the earlier dish was much better. This I shall rate at 8/10 .

Overall, we were both happy that we tried out this stall today. Both Fried Rice dishes were good and the Petai Fried Rice was exceptionally good. Prices commensurate the portions. Service was fast too. Definitely a place worth visiting if you are looking for a quick and delicious meal.

Address: No.1, Jalan PJU 8/5E, Damansara Perdana,
                47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 2300 Daily

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