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Vishaal Curry House @ Kajang, Selangor

Kajang is a town which I am relatively unfamiliar with. I had to be in Kajang today to attend to some errands which was to last the entire day. Came lunch time, my brother and I decided to look for a place to have lunch. We were both in the mood for some Tamil food. Having tried Basil Leaves the last trip, we wanted to try some place new. I then suggested that we should perhaps take a drive through Jalan Reko and we would surely sight an Indian shop there. Jalan Reko is typically where most of the Indian shops are based, and that was what I was told by my friends who were somewhat familiar with Kajang. 

Vishaal Curry House located along Jalan Reko

At The Restaurant

Air-Conditioned Dining Area

Air Conditioned Dining Area
As we came near Taman Sri Reko, we sighted this restaurant called Vishaal Curry House which was the very first Indian restaurant that we sighted since we came from Bukit Mewah side. The restaurant looked very clean. Parking was easy as it was located in a small residential area. The restaurant had a small open air seating space and a much larger air-conditioned dining area. The food were all arranged at this open space area. 

A Good Variety of Dishes Available

A Good Variety of Dishes Available

A Good Variety of Dishes Available
This place must be quite famous as even at 1.30 pm, a number of their vegetables were already sold out. The waiter, who I suppose was a Bangladeshi, asked us if we would like to have Banana Leaf Meals or on a plate and since we were in a rush, we decided to go for the latter. Both of us picked our food items and then moved in to the air-conditioned area. Once inside, we were approached by the same waiter who asked us what our drinks would be and then he got on to write the bill which he then handed over to us. The bill written was very much illegible but the sum total was clearly legible. I did not go through the bill at that time as we were both hungry and continued with our meals.

Brother's Meal @ RM 8.00
My brother's meal consisted of rice with Venthaya Kulambu, Pepper Chicken, Fried Vegetables and some Sauteed Broccoli. Priced at RM 8.00, it seemed quite decent to me. 

Venthaya Kulambu
Their Venthaya Kulambu was very good and tasted very much like homemade food. I must say that I was truly impressed with the taste. I would rate this gravy at 9.3/10 .

Sauteed Broccoli
Their Sauteed Broccoli was just okay. Just like any other vegetable that is available at Indian restaurants. Slightly overcooked and the juices were lost in the process. Pretty much just fiber. I would rate this at 6.5/10 .

Fried Vegetable
This was nice but the amount of colouring used to prepare this was frightening. I wonder why one needs to put in so much colouring into a dish just to make it look interesting. For the health conscious, this might be a big NO. For me, it would deserve a rating of 7.5/10 and of course, this does not take into account of the colouring used and is solely based on the taste factor.

Pepper Chicken
There are two points that I would like to cover here. Firstly, the chicken was extremely tender and soft, which is great. I wonder if they had used a pressure cooker to make it soft prior to frying it. The next point is about the setback of this dish. Although it was very soft, the preparation was very dry and as such, the spices had not seeped in and merged well with the meat. Felt a little odd to me. This could have been made into a really good dish with a little more care but sadly, it slacked and as such, I would rate this at 6/10 .

My Meal @ RM 9.00
I too took their Venthaya Kulambu along with a good portion of Mutton Perattal and a smaller portion or Squid Sambal. My meal was priced at RM 9.00 .

Venthaya Kulambu
As mentioned earlier, their Venthaya Kulambu was awesome and I do not want to repeat my comments here again.

Mutton Perattal
Their Mutton Perattal came with a combination of meat, fat and bones. The Mutton was not as tender as it should have been and once again, the gravy just did not gel in well with the meat. The gravy too was very much on the oily side which was not to my liking. I would only rate this at 5.5/10 .

Squid Sambal
In contrary to their earlier dishes, their Squid Sambal was awesome! I mean it when I say that it was really good. Great job with this guys! The Squid was cooked to perfection and then mixed with some mildly spicy Sambal which was really good. I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

Us Having Lunch

Coca Cola @ RM 2.00

The Original Bill
Finally after our meal, when I looked at the bill, I truly felt that it was overpriced and we ended up speaking with the owner about this. The gentleman was very receptive with the feedback, vouched back with the waiter on how he had charged for the individual dishes and made the relevant changes. The final price that we paid would be the ones that I have broken down along with each of those meals which felt very reasonable to me. It is great that he was receptive to feedback and not just blindly argue with customers. 

Overall, the place was nice and clean but the dishes deserve a mixed review. The Venthaya Kulambu and Squid Sambal were truly awesome but the Mutton Perattal, Broccoli and Pepper Chicken definitely needs to be worked on. This is solely based on my dining experience on the particular day and date mentioned above.

Address: No. 61, Taman Sri Reko, Jalan Reko, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0730 - 2200 Daily

Telephone: +6011 1526 2719 

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