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Amir Char Kuew Teow @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

I've seen a lot of buzz on the internet about this place called Amir Char Kuey Teow and only then did I learn about the existence of such a famous place in my hometown. So many fans from all over Malaysia talking about this place with such high praises. Curious, I decided to drop by this evening.

Located Right Beside Kampung Pinang

Opposite Dusun Nyiur Tomyam

Just A Simple Shack

Basic But Decent

Cutlery Is Self Service
If you are coming from Tanjung Malim toll, right after the toll booth keep heading straight pass a Hindu Temple on your left. Do not turn at the first exit and keep going straight till you come to the traffic lights. At this lights, turn left and keep going on till you come to the next set of lights. Here, you would be able to see Taman Bahtera on your right. Once the light clears you, keep heading straight and slow down now. First you would see a row of Tomyam shops, then a barren piece of land and finally a reasonably large Tomyam shop at the entrance to Kampung Pinang. This would be on your left. At this point, if you look right, you would see another Tomyam restaurant called Dusun Nyiur. Just beside the entrance to Kampung Pinang (which is on your left), would be a small piece of land with a shack, painted in green. This is the famous Amir Char Kuey Teow place. At nights, it is quite well lit up too and so it's tough to miss it unless you drive fast. They have a huge parking space and so parking is not a problem. The place is simple, as you can see it's nothing more than a shack but it's reasonably clean. Frying is done in a different location, slightly away from the seating area. This is good as the smoke does not end up coming this side.


Drinks Menu
Having taken a seat, one of the waiters approached me with their menu. They only sell Char Kuey Teow but have a number of variations to it. You could also choose the level of spiciness that you prefer and also the size. Additions were also available. They also had some interesting drinks on their menu. After having gone through the menu, I ordered my Char Kuey Teow and also a drink called Snow White. Cutlery is not served and you would have to get those at the cutlery station that's located right in the center of the dining space. Within minutes, the dish was done despite having a number of people there and the chef came over to my table and just sat next to me. It was then that I realised that Amir is non other but a schoolmate of mine. He was two years my junior in school and had not changed a bit in terms of looks. He even remembers my name. How nice of him! We then started to get chatty and he mentioned that this stall has been around for 10 years now. He is a culinary graduate but also runs other businesses. That is the reason that he occasionally closes. If you see his opening hours, he is rightfully only closed on Saturdays but sometimes when things don't quite go right at his other businesses, he just has to be there and this get's abandoned. So, it is always best to give him a call before heading here. I shall be furnishing the number at the end of this blog. And he is absolutely fine with customers calling him to check. He even accepts reservations. Not only his looks but even his character had not changed a bit. Practically the very same joyous chap. In fact, we even had dinner together while catching up on old stories. 

Snow White Ice Lemon Tea @ RM 3.00

Snow White Ice Lemon Tea @ RM 3.00
Drinks are fixed by his assistant who is the only one there to assist him. Kind off an all rounder who handles order taking, making the drinks, serving, cleaning up, washing the dishes and even handling the cash. Must be a very trusted partner of his. Coming back to this drink, it may seem pricey but it was truly worth it. I don't really know how he makes that white froth but it was just fantastic. Such a refreshing Ice Lemon Tea. I would rate this at 9.5/10 . It was so good that I ordered a second one. Perfect for the present heat that we are experiencing. 

Super Special Big Plate (Spicy) @ RM 5.00

Good For Two

Comes With Three Large Prawns
Sizes of this dish is available in various options and I went for the largest one. This rightfully is good for two and it is clearly mentioned in the menu. Having a big appetite still didn't help me to finish this as I was struggling towards the end. Greed it was. Portion was really huge. Perhaps the medium one would have been just fine for me. This large one also came with three large prawns.You can opt to add extra anything and the prices are clearly listed in the menu. He has four levels of spiciness and this was the third level. Perhaps I should have gone for the fourth one as it was not at all spicy for me. The dish was good. I liked the broth as it was creamy and delicious. A mix of flavours it had and clearly it hit a number of notes in the palate. Thus far, this is indeed the best Malay Style Char Kuey Teow in town that I have tasted. I would rate this at 9.4/10 . 

In summary, loved the preparation. His drinks too were fantastic! Of course the reception was very warm for me as I knew the owner / chef personally. Otherwise, even the others were enjoying their meal. Definitely worth checking out if you happen to be in town. 

Address: At The Entrance to Kampung Pinang, 35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1700 - 0000 Sunday - Friday (Closed On Saturdays)

Telephone: +6013 207 2007 (Amir) 

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