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Montez Sandwich Cafe @ Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

I happened to visit a friend who was admitted to Institut Jantung Negara this morning. Since I was a little too early for the visitation hours, decided to hit their Food Court for breakfast as that would help to kill some time and by the time I am done, it would be just nice to visit him in the ward. 

At The Food Court

Food Court
The Food Court is located on the new wing, very close to the multi tier car park. There are just five stalls here. Three that sell food right from morning, one that sells mixed rice catering particularly for the lunch crowd and another one selling drinks. Having had limited choices, only three vendors were my options. One was a vegetarian stall, the other was one selling noodles and the third one would be a western food outlet. The place was packed with people but fortunately tables were available. The place was also very clean and air conditioned with free WiFi. One thing is that all the stalls here only operate from 7 to 7. So, there is definitely no place within this hospital for people to have dinner or supper.

Decided To Go For Some Western Breakfast



Breakfast Menu


They had a good variety but prices were definitely steep. Not a place for common man to have his meal. Manned by a majority of Indonesian staffs, the place was buzzing with customers who had to wait ages to get their meal. It took me a while to register my orders too as she kept scratching her head a number of times before keying in my orders. Finally, having successfully done that, I was told to wait for a few minutes for my orders to be ready. Few minutes became ten and then twenty and finally when I was about to loose my fuse, it was ready. Imagine those pregnant people who had to just stand and wait the same length of time, I felt truly sorry for them. After all, mine should have not taken so long as it was not a main dish. Just some toasts which should have been prepared in a matter of minutes. Staffs not competent or insufficient hobs. Moreover, being in business this long, they should know the trend and prepare some of those before hand. Would that be such a difficult task? Just not sure which was the case. Finally when I got my dishes, I was utterly put off. Will tell you shortly why that happened.

Such A Flimsy Knife
Being a place that serves roasts and burgers, they should have proper cutlery. Yes, the fork and spoon were metal ones but the knife? It was the easily breakable, flimsy type that I just hate. Luckily I did not order a main meal and I felt truly sorry for those that had. I am very certain that they would have given up eating the correct manner and would have resorted to using their hands. Such a shame. 

Egg On Toast @ RM 4.00

Fried Egg And Not Scrambled Ones


Weird Looking Cucumber Slices
The first dish that I ordered was Egg on Toast and this was premium priced at RM 4.00 per set. There were just two slices of toast bread, some fried eggs and two thinly sliced cucumbers. The picture shows scrambled eggs and what I got was this weird looking fried egg. Come on guys, being run and owned by a culinary trained individual from a reputable French institution, this should not have happened. I did not ask for Fried Eggs and Toast. I asked for Eggs on Toast and well, literally you are right but definitely not technically. At least should have given me eggs with cream or cheese. That would have been something that I would have accepted. Had she, the owner not transferred the knowledge adequately? The toast too was not great. It was just mediocre. A big regret ordering this and definitely not worth the price. I would rate this at 3/10 . That's about the best that I would give.

French Toast @ RM 4.00

Two Slices Cut Into Halves

Two Slices Cut Into Halves

Also priced at RM 4.00 , this came with two slices that were cut into halves and some honey on the sides. Anytime better than the previous dish but still not good. Sorry, I am just fussy with food, whether paid by myself or even one that I am treated to. The bread should have been dipped deeper into the beaten eggs as another name for this is eggy bread. That was a major concern but fortunately, honey was my saviour. Just passable and I would rate this at 6/10 . For this, I am okay with paying the price of RM 4.00 . 

Contact Details

Contact Details
The first dish that I had was truly disappointing but the second one was okay. A humble request to the management would be to better train their staffs on crowd management and also to make available metal knives for customers' convenience. I truly hope that improvisations are done and customers' would experience better engagement and food in future. 

Address: Food Court, Ground Floor, Institut Jantung Negara, 
                145, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1900 Daily

Telephone: +6016 335 5135 (Ms. Marina Abdul Manan)

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