Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Kantin Stesen Keretapi Lama @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Today Tanjung Malim has one of the largest KTM Komuter Stations in the country. Those days, all that we had was a little wooden structure along Station Road that is filled with many fond memories. During my school days, I remember coming here with my Dad to fetch my cousins who used to come over for the school holidays. Also, I did use the train service quite often in my early 20's as I used to frequently travel to Penang, something that I did almost twice a month for years. After almost 20 years, I am visiting this place again this evening. Not to catch a train, but for a cup of tea and some Pisang Goreng. Yes, you heard it right. Although this station is no longer in operation, the canteen is still open and a Makcik along with her children run this canteen from morning till late afternoon. 

The Old Station In Tanjung Malim

The Canteen Still In Operation

Journey Down Memory Lane

Exactly The Same
With the double tracking done, we are now not able to access to the other side where the tracks run. All the old platforms have been demolished for the laying of these new tracks. What remains, is this quaint structure that has not changed an inch since the yesteryears. This canteen is open for business from 7 am daily and this goes on till around 6 pm. I did hear a lot about the food here, especially their Nasi Lemak which apparently some claim to be the best in town. As I was here around 4 pm, all the common breakfast items had been sold out and only lunch leftovers were available. They were Laksa, Curry Mee and some Fried Noodles. I was informed by the Makcik that on weekends, she also does Nasi Kerabu. Wanting to go light this evening, I decided to just snack while sipping a tea and looking over those tracks. Fortunately, she had just made some Pisang Goreng. They were hot and looked so good. I then asked for a cup of Tea and some Pisang Goreng and went over to a quiet corner just to enjoy the nostalgic feel that brought about so many movie like scenes to my mind, memories from my childhood days.

Tea @ RM 1.20
There wasn't much crowd at this hour and that gave me the benefit of enjoying the place almost in a private like manner. In a matter of minutes, my tea was served and this was priced at RM 1.20 per glass. Very reasonable. The Tea was good, not as good as the Indian Muslim preparation but for a Malay stall, it was nice. Everything, right from the tea dust to the condensed milk, were just perfectly balanced and I would rate this at 8/10 . Worth it!

Pisang Goreng @ RM 1.00
Pisang Goreng was priced at 3 for RM 1.00 and that's surely a good price. They were large, still hot as they were just fried and it was very good. I think this is one of the best Pisang Goreng's that I have had in town. I would rate these at 9/10 . Highly recommended!

My Afternoon Snack
The nostalgic feel, hot and delicious Pisang Goreng along with a good cup of Tea; it was just lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, hospitality and the food here. Definitely returning soon to try out her lunch as well as her Nasi Lemak which seems to be very famous among the locals. I would say that this Pisang Goreng is surely worth it and is one of the best ones in Tanjung Malim. Goes highly recommended by me!

Address: Kantin Stesen Keretapi Lama, Jalan Stesen, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1800 Daily

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