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Leezam Satay @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

The only stall that is opened in the evenings at the Medan Selera in Tanjung Malim is Leezam Satay. I have heard quite a bit about these guys and their Satay and have been waiting for the Raya season to be over for me to give their Satay a try and here I am this evening.

Stall No. 5 at the Medan Selera

Open From 7.00 pm till around 10.30 pm Daily

Their Satay Stall
Just like any other Medan Selera in the country, this one is no different. The only sad thing is that there is no other stall that is opened here in the evenings. Let me not get into local politics and the reason behind this and just stick with this stall and their offerings. I was here just in time when they were setting up and that was around 7.00 pm. These guys are open daily and business goes on till around 10.30 pm. The crowd was decent, most of them were seen to be heading here after their prayers at the mosque which is just opposite this Medan Selera. For those that are not familiar with the location, this Medan Selera is located directly opposite the Tanjung Malim Police Station and just beside the Balai Bomba. These two landmarks would be sufficient to find this place using any of those GPS. Once arrived, since I was here only for the purpose of tasting, I walked up to the guy making the Satay and ordered a few sticks of Chicken Satay and Nasi Impit. It was then that I noticed that they also sell Chicken Rice and that was selling like hot cakes. Eager to try, I also requested for a plate of Chicken Rice. With that, I just sat relaxed at my seat while watching the local TV channel that was been screened at the stall.

Teh O @ RM 1.20
The drink arrived quite fast. One good thing here is that despite just being a small stall, they were sufficiently staffed, most of which were family members and every one of them works at maximum efficiency. It was very clear that they were all so used to handling large crowd. Even as I was sitting here, I observed so many people just coming by and doing takeaways. Coming back to the drink, this was priced at RM 1.20 and it was nice. It was also very thoughtful of them to provide some ice cubes on the sides. This actually saves them some time. Sometimes, some customers may find the drink too hot and may call them back requesting them to 'tarik' the drink again. By providing these ice cubes, customers can just add those to the drink in case they find them to be very hot. It's a very good idea and a practical one too. As far as the taste is concerned, I would rate this at 7/10 .

Chicken Satay @ RM 0.70 per skewer

Chicken Satay @ RM 0.70 per skewer

Chicken Satay @ RM 0.70 per skewer
Besides Chicken, they also sell Beef Satay. Unfortunately, Mutton Satay is not available here. These were priced at RM 0.70 per skewer which is one of the cheapest in town.For tasting purposes, I just ordered five sticks. These Satay's were indeed very good. If you observe closely, it was lean meat all the way. Not a single lump of fat. And the marination was simply delicious. It was sweet and the meat was tender and juicy. Loved it! I would rate this at 9/10 . Definitely one of the better one's in town!

Peanut Sauce

Peanut Sauce
Mildly spicy, moderately sweet and with finely ground peanuts, this Peanut Sauce was simply perfect to go with the Satay. The most important thing with any Peanut Sauce preparation is that it has to compliment the Satay's taste and not stand out boldly and this was just that. The usage of oil was also quite minimal when compared to the rest out there. Taste wise, I would rate this at 9/10 .

Nasi Impit @ RM 1.20 per plate

Nasi Impit @ RM 1.20 per plate
Their Nasi Impit was also very good and most importantly, they were super fresh! Cucumber cuts were also provided and these too were fresh and juicy. The cuts weren't too thin and instead they were almost cube like which was something that I liked. This way, while tasting the wholesome Peanut Sauce, you also get to taste the fresh and juicy cucumber with every dip. Portions were also decent for the price charged. I would rate their Nasi Impit at 9/10 . Overall, I am very happy with their Satay. Now, time to taste their Chicken Rice!

Chicken Rice Set @ RM 5.00
The Chicken Rice set comes with a plate full of Rice, some Roasted Chicken, a small bowl of clear soup and some Chili Paste to go with it. Overall, very much worth the price paid.


Very Tasty Rice
Despite using just the ordinary rice, it tasted so good. At one point in time, even I got confused thinking that they might have used Pulut Rice instead. But no, it was the usual rice cooked to perfection so much so it tasted so delicious. Creamy and tasty it was and I would rate this at 10/10 . Just perfect!

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken
Just like any other Malay Chicken Rice places, they only serve the Roasted Chicken variety and it was a full thigh per portion. Juicy, succulent meat with some fantastic marination and it was a true treat to the taste buds. No wonder their Chicken Rice sells like hot cakes. Even the bones were so juicy and tasty. I was informed by the guy that their Chicken Rice usually sells out by around 8.30 pm, and yes, that's just like within one and a half hours from opening time. I absolutely loved it! If you love the Malay style Chicken Rice, then this is another place in Tanjung Malim that I would highly recommend! I would rate this at 9.8/10 .

Chili Paste

Chili Paste
This Chili Paste was simply divine. Yes, it was a sting! Simply superb with perfectly balanced flavours. I would rate this at 9.8/10 . An excellent companion to the dish!

Clear Soup

Clear Soup
Their Clear Soup was also quite delicious. Made using some spices, pepper and dried onions, it was good and I would rate this at 8.5/10 .

On the whole, as much as I enjoyed their Satay, their Roasted Chicken Rice was also very good. If you love either one of these dishes, then I would strongly recommend you to give this place a try. Good food, excellent service and at very reasonable prices.

Address: Stall Number 5, Medan Selera Tanjung Malim,
                Jalan Raja Itam, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Opening Hours: 1900 - 2230 Daily

Telephone: +6017 665 0072 

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