Friday, 31 July 2015

Nasi Lemak Depan Taman Bina @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Here I am all set to try out another Nasi Lemak place in Tanjung Malim. Initially I was thinking of taking a drive somewhere towards the Ulu Bernam side of town but as I was returning from my morning walk heading home, right in front of Taman Bina, there was another stall selling the same. It seemed quite empty, in the sense that there were no customers at all. This is quite strange at this hour as most of the Nasi Lemak places that I have seen would at least have a couple of customers waiting in line to pack something back. Feeling sorry for this guy, I decided to give him some business and try out his Nasi Lemak.

The Stall Located In Front Of Taman Bina

Seemed Like An Indonesian

Not A Great Selection But Still Good

Located Right In Front Of These Houses
Seeing me walk up to his stall, he emanated a very wide and thankful smile which was so touching. The man seemed like an Indonesian, definitely not Malaysian and he was warm and very welcoming. Selection wasn't too great but good for someone who is looking for some quick breakfast. There were Nasi Lemak, Noodles and a handful of Malay cakes. Having checked out what was available, I decided to just go for the basic Nasi Lemak with an Omelette. The add on's didn't look too good and as such, I decided to just give them a skip. I was busy taking some photographs and before I realised, he had finished packing. Having paid him, I then collected my Nasi Lemak and continued walking home.

Nasi Lemak @ RM 2.00

Nasi Lemak @ RM 2.00
My breakfast cost me RM 2.00 which seemed quite reasonable bearing in mind that I had added an omelette. The good thing was that he had provided a plastic spoon. The weird thing was that the packaging itself looked very oddly shaped. Hoping for the best, I opened it up and was taken by shock. The presentation was completely off and it looked like someone had dumped a number of things inside and just wrapped it up hoping that it stays in place. There was nothing much that I could individually identify except for the rice and omelette. Seems that he's a novice in this business. Now, I'm praying that this tastes good!

Coconut Milk Rice
Okay.....this was not as bad as it seemed and it was decent. Edible I should say. If given a choice, I would surely not go for this as other stalls out there do serve way better ones. I would say that this deserves a rating of 4/10.

After careful examination, I managed to pick out the two thinly sliced cucumbers and they seemed like they were at least one week old. Definitely not fresh and too thin they were. Not good! The colour should speak for itself!

The Omelette was decent but the yolk was not runny. I always prefer my eggs to be runny at the yolk whenever I have Nasi Lemak and so far, all the places that I have tried sell just that with the exception of this one stall. I would rate this at 5/10 only.

Sambal & Peanuts

Sambal & Peanuts
The Sambal was way too watery and this was what I could capture. There were no Anchovies or even diced onions in them and it was way too sweet. At one point, it felt like I was eating some sweet dish when it should be one that's spicy. The signature flavour was completely missing from this dish. The Fried Peanuts, that was a shame. Soft they were and easily they would have been at least a week old. I would rate this Sambal at 2/10 and I think that that's quite a kind rating for this preparation.

Now I know why there were no patrons here. He's quite a nice man but the food was just not up to the mark. In fact, it was sub standard I would say. I do hope that he improves on the preparation otherwise he would definitely end up losing money soon, if he has not already. A disappointment it was!

Address: Taman Bina, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0645 - 1100 (Closed on Mondays) 

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