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Thiyagu's Stall @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

This is a stall that had been around for at least two decades now and is located at the entrance to Kampung Kilang Papan, a residential area that is located on the Ulu Bernam side of town, not too far from the Tanjung Malim exit that links to the North South Highway. For many years, it was run by a lady called Malika and recently, some years ago, it was taken over by a guy called Thiyagu who had apparently studied together with my brother in school. Despite having passed this place many times over, I had not visited them before. Today, out of curiosity, I decided on dropping by to check out the food scene here. 

The Humble Stall

At The Entrance To Kampung Kilang Papan

Simple But Very Clean

A Place Where The Locals Come To Relax While Having A Tea

Love The View

That's Thiyagu
The place is nothing but a very humble set up, very much like the stalls that you find in 'Kampungs'. Having been married recently, the stall is now manned by Thiyagu and his wife. Both of them manage end to end, right from cooking to taking orders and even cleaning up. Very hardworking couple indeed. As I walked in, he definitely did not recognise me and I preferred for it to remain such. Having not had my lunch, I checked with him to see what was available. The options were quite simple. They had some noodles and they also prepare Roti Canai upon request. These two seem to be the main sellers here. I guess that's quite sufficient for a stall like this. After all, big eateries aren't located too far away and so it does not make sense for him to have a huge variety. From my observation, most people come here just to have a quick snack and there are some who come to simply relax, reading the daily papers while sipping a glass of tea. That is the kind of crowd that comes here. Having understood what they had to offer, I ordered myself a glass of Teh Tarik, one Roti Canai and a plate of Mee Goreng. Well, that gives me an opportunity to try all their offerings. Once done, I found myself a quiet corner and just waited for the food to be served.

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.20
Thiyagu fixed the tea himself and this was priced at RM 1.20 per glass. Cheaper than the rest by 10 cents and I would say very reasonable for an outlet of this size. These are the small things that would attract the 'locals' to such establishments and he has understood the business well.The Tea was good! Honestly, I did not expect much out of this place but I'm impressed. That would be the right word to use. I would rate their Teh Tarik at 9/10 .

Roti Canai with Sambar & Sambal @ RM 1.20 each

Roti Canai @ RM 1.20

Delicious, Creamy and Minimal Oil Used
It didn't take him too long to make the Roti Canai and he seemed quite skilled doing it. When the bread was served, I was once again impressed. Just look at the Roti Canai please. It had the perfect texture, looked amazingly good and with very minimal oil. It seemed as if no oil was used. It takes great skill to prepare something like this. The taste was simply excellent. It was creamy, delicious and I did not need any curry to go with it as it was amazing on it's own. One of the best 'healthy version' Roti Canai's that I have tried and I would rate this at 9.7/10 .

Sambar with Anchovies Sambal

Sambar with Anchovies Sambal
This comes complimentary with the Roti Canai and it was good too. The killer here was the Anchovies Sambal. Very spicy preparation and when mixed together with the Sambar, it was just delicious. I would rate this preparation at 8/10 .

Mee Goreng @ RM 1.50 per plate

Mee Goreng @ RM 1.50 per plate

Mee Goreng @ RM 1.50 per plate
You must be wondering if I had typed the price right and indeed I have. That's exactly what he had charged me for this delicious plate of noodles. Not the very dry version, slightly wet and it was served with some Sambal on the side. The Mee Goreng itself was tasty, not great, yet tasty and amazingly cheap. I would rate this at 7/10 .

Spicy Onion Sambal

Spicy Onion Sambal
This Sambal was different to the one served with the Roti Canai. This was prepared using onions and chili paste only. Nevertheless, it tasted very nice. Spicy, slightly salty and the onions gives it a crunchy feel. Loved it though and I would rate this at 8/10 .

Overall, I am very happy with the food here. The Mee Goreng was good but the winner today is definitely his Roti Canai. In all likelyhood, I might permanently switch to this place whenever I want to have some Roti Canai. After all, this place isn't too far from town and is a mere 5 minutes drive. Prices are very much wallet friendly and the service is indeed personal. Keep up the great work guys!

Address: Kampung Kilang Papan, Jalan Besar Ulu Bernam, 
                35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor , Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1900 Daily 
                            Weekly Off Days Are Not Fixed

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