Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Restoran Tian Fatt @ Kepong, Selangor

We were visiting FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) this morning. As we had to be there fairly early in the morning, by mid morning we were already feeling quite hungry. I was looking for a Nasi Lemak place inside FRIM which I had previously visited but was told that the previous operator, who used to serve some excellent Nasi Lemak, had moved out. Having learned that, we drove out of FRIM and just at the very exit, we noticed this Chinese Food Court called Restoran Tian Fatt which was attached to a Chinese Temple located exactly at 2 o Clock when standing at the entrance to FRIM, facing outwards. 

The Food Court Attached To The Temple

Huge Parking Space

Huge Parking Space
It is difficult to miss this place as the Chinese Temple is quite prominent. The rest of the area looks like a Chinese Village. This locality is called Kepong Ulu. From afar, we could clearly see that there are quite a number of stalls selling various food items. We drove up a short distance which was merely 50 meters and we were already at their car park. They had a huge parking area. Very close to the parking lot, the Kepong Ulu school is also visible. These are all landmarks which one could use to locate this food court.

The Address Of The Temple

Numerous Food Options

The food court was not too huge but sufficient for this locality. The spread was good too and the place was decently clean. These stalls operate daily from 5.30 am up to 2.30 pm . Some stalls start later at around 10.00 am and are usually sold out by approximately 2.00 pm. Hence, it is best to come here before 1.30 pm if you are coming here for lunch. Fortunately we were here around 10.30 am and all the stalls were already open by then. The last one that was in the midst of setting up was the Chicken Rice stall, and they too were ready for business before 11.00 am .

Char Kuey Teow Stall

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 5.00

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 5.00
As we were both in the mood for some Char Kuey Teow, we decided to have this.The Char Kuey Teow stall is located on the far left. A young lady was manning this stall. Priced at RM 5.00 per plate, the Char Kuey Teow looked really good. She had informed us that she had ran out of shrimps and if that was okay with us and we just nodded and went on with the orders.

Spicy And Nice

Lavish Usage of Cockles

Fish Paste and Eggs Too
Although it lacked shrimps as she had already forewarned us, she had substituted it with loads of cockles, fish paste and eggs. The preparation was slightly on the spicy side as that was requested by us and it was good. Not the best that I have tried but still good. I would rate this at 8.9/10 . I think it's one of the best that I have tasted on this side of town.

Local Coffee @ RM 1.50

Local Coffee @ RM 1.50
Drinks, as is the norms in most if not all Chinese food courts, is sold by the landlords themselves. A few Indonesian girls would go around getting the orders and then sending them once they were ready. We both had their Local Coffee and this was priced at RM 1.50 . That is pricey bearing in mind the size of the cup. I should have been around RM 1.30 . Nevertheless, it tasted good and I would rate this at 9/10 .

The food here was reasonably good and both of us had a sumptuous breakfast so much so we decided to skip lunch. If you happen to come to this side of the world, then do make it a point to have breakfast here. One that you would not regret.

Address: No. 88, Jalan FRIM, Kepong Ulu, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0530 - 1430 ( After 4 pm, it is another set of stalls operating here)

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