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Srri Tanjung Curry House @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Srri Tanjung Curry House is a name that needs no introduction to anyone coming from Tanjung Malim. Having started just a few years back, this restaurant has picked up so fast and today is the leading Tamil restaurant in town. Business has been very good and today they have two restaurants in Tanjung Malim. This entry is about their first outlet that operates 24 hours daily and is located in Taman Anggerik Desa, right opposite the Hindu Temple in Tanjung Malim. The other restaurant only opens during the day and that is located along the old trunk road heading to Kuala Lumpur. I have done a number of entries on this restaurant before but never on their Nasi Lemak and this blog shall be speaking solely about the Nasi Lemak available here daily at nights. 

Outdoor Seats

Tandoori Here Is The Best in Town Too
The place is packed with customers round the clock. At nights, tables are laid on the road as many of their customers seem to prefer to sit outdoors than indoors. Probably because it's much cooler outdoors. The Rice and Curry here is quite good and if you do some Google search, you should be able to find my old entries speaking about this and also their Chapatis and Green Mung Bean Curry. Another famous item here is their Tandoori Chicken which is just awesome. 

Nasi Lemak Station
At nights, one of the hot sellers here is their Nasi Lemak and they have a dedicated counter for this. Here, besides the usual Nasi Lemak and Sambal, you would be able to select and number of extra sides to go along with the Nasi Lemak. This evening, they had Sardine Sambal, Chicken Rendang, Mutton Kurma and some Petai Sambal. Service can sometimes be lagging here as they have some staffing issues recently. Probably something that the management would need to take note as it does take some time to get someone to attend to you. Coming back to today, I was not quite in the mood for the other items and hence went solely for their basic Nasi Lemak set.

Fried Chicken On Request
Another thing that I love about this place is the availability of freshly Fried Chicken. This is the only restaurant in town that does this. You just have to walk over to the counter, select the meat cut and they would freshly fry this for you. Sometimes, it can take some time but it is worth the wait. Since I love their Fried Chicken, I decided to go for this to have it along with my Nasi Lemak. Hot Fried Chicken and Nasi Lemak is simply perfect for the rainy weather.

Basic Nasi Lemak Set @ RM 2.80

Basic Nasi Lemak Set @ RM 2.80
Here comes my basic Nasi Lemak set and this is priced at RM 2.80 per plate. I had asked for extra Sambal and that is why you see quite a bit of it on my plate. You could also opt for a Fried Omelette instead of the boiled egg but I was quite happy with the latter and just stuck by it. 

Fragrant Coconut Milk Rice
The coconut milk rice here is quite good and it is cooked along with some other spices that gives it a slightly different taste. Volume is decent for the price as well. Creamy with a slight twist to it. I would rate this at 8/10 .

Fried Peanuts and Small Anchovies
Here, they provide those Fried Peanuts that comes with the skin. Probably it's much cheaper than those peeled peanuts. The anchovies too are the smaller variety. It would have been better if they had provided the larger ones as that would have been crunchier and would have left a stronger aftertaste. For me, I would rate this at 6/10 only. Changing these two items to the above recommended ones would definitely boost the taste. Otherwise, they were quite fresh.

Boiled Eggs
As mentioned earlier, one has the option to choose between an Omelette and a boiled Egg. Of course, with an Omelette, the price would change. Since I had ordered the Fried Chicken to go with this, I preferred to stick to this boiled egg as I did not want to have two fried items on my plate. 


The Sambal here is made of Onions only and that is why I had suggested that they should have the larger Fried Anchovies to compliment this. The quantity of Onions used were also quite minimal. Assuming if one were to compare this with the Sambal that I posted yesterday, this surely looks like a very stingy preparation. What they have lavishly added here is the Chili Paste and that gives it a very spicy taste to it. Otherwise, it was just quite mediocre. For me, I would just rate this at 7/10 . Definitely needs a more lavish ingredients list to be added to it in order for it to truly standout.  

Fried Chicken @ RM 3.50

Fried Chicken @ RM 3.50

Fried Chicken @ RM 3.50
Their Fried Chicken is truly the bomb and it is mega cheap when compared to the prices in Kuala Lumpur. Absolutely delicious preparation. Wonderfully marinated Chicken chunks, coated with a thin coating of flour and spices is then deep fried to a golden brown preparation and it is just divine. Served hot, it is tender and so juicy that with each bite, one is able to experience a state of ecstasy. Just amazing. I would rate this at 9.5/10 . There has been many occasions where I have come here just to take away their Fried Chicken as it is way better and cheaper than any of those fast food joints. This is definitely one that I would highly recommend here.

In short, I feel that there is so much room for improvement on their Nasi Lemak as far as the ingredients are concerned but the Fried Chicken however is simply perfect! If you happen to be in town, then this is surely one that you should try. Many of my blog readers have visited me here and I have brought them to this restaurant and they have all returned happy and satisfied and have always looked forward to returning for more.

Address: No. 25, Jalan Cahaya, Taman Anggerik Desa, 35900 Tanjung Malim, 
                Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

Telephone: +6012 211 8044

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