Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nasi Lemak Depan Taman Universiti @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

During the fasting month, all the Nasi Lemak hawkers are closed and I had been craving to have some good Nasi Lemak for over a month now. With the Raya season being over, business is back to normal. This stall is located right at the entrance to Taman Universiti in Tanjung Malim.

This Lady Manages The Stall Herself

Decent Selection of Cakes

Located Right At The Entrance

Opposite This Row Of Shops
She is open daily at the very same spot from 6.45 am till approximately 11 am. This is the first time that I am giving this stall a try. Well, you would never know how good a place is unless one actually tries the food and as far as that is concerned, I'm quite adventurous. She had quite a good spread of Nasi Lemak, Mee Hoon, some sides and cakes. Typical of most stalls, there were no seating available and it was purely takeaways. Likewise, I did the same too.

Modern Packaging

My Breakfast @ RM 3.50
The basic Nasi Lemak set is priced at RM 1.50 and since I added some Squid Sambal, that was an additional RM 2.00 and thus the total of RM 3.50 . I also loved the fact that she had used such a packaging as it is more convenient but obviously it's not environmental friendly. 

Coconut Milk Rice
The Rice was good. Cooked with some coconut milk, it tasted just like it should be. Some places serve some grainy tasting rice which is one that I hate but this was not the case here. Not so great, but good and I would rate the rice at 7/10 .

Anchovies & Fried Peanuts

Cucumber's Too
She definitely was quite stingy with the Fried Anchovies, Fried Peanuts and Cucumber slices and they were not fresh and crunchy as they should be. Must be at least one that was fried two days back. As for these, I would only rate them at 4/10 .

Half A Hard Boiled Egg
She also does have Fried Omelettes but that's different pricing altogether. I just decided to stick with the basic set as I didn't want to go for an overload of Protein in the morning. 

Onion & Anchovies Sambal
This Sambal was very good! Spicy and just perfect for the creamy rice. Enjoyed it thoroughly. The portion may seem small but it was surely potent and sufficient. Loved it! I would rate her Sambal at 9.5/10 .

Squid Sambal
For RM 2.00, the portion was justified. The Squid Sambal was simply divine. Wickedly spicy and mildly salty, it was just the perfect mix of ingredients. Even as I write now, I am salivating thinking of the taste. Heavenly it was! I would rate this at 10/10 .

Overall, I feel that she does some good Nasi Lemak and Sambal's. Both the Anchovies & Onion combination as well as the Squid Sambal was a true winner. Would be good if she improves on the quantity of the Fried Anchovies and Friend Peanuts. Nevertheless, one that I would recommend simply for her Sambals!

Address: Taman Universiti, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0645 - 1100 Daily 

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