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Restoran Al - Arisaan Maju @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

This afternoon, I came to Taman Bernam Baru to meet up a friend and once done, as I was heading out, I sighted a new Indian Muslim restaurant that was located right opposite on the Taman Malim side. It seemed like a recent venture as I have surely not seen it before. The food blogger in me immediately surfaced and I decided to give the place a try. 

The Restaurant in Taman Malim

Indoor & Outdoor Seating



Outdoor Seating
This is located along the road fronting row of shops and one can never miss this place as there is only one row of shops here. Parking is not difficult but if you are new to this place, do drive slowly as the roads are quite narrow. The restaurant was just like any other Indian Muslim restaurants, simple and sufficient for this locality, very much like a neighbourhood restaurant. I was informed by one of the staffs that they had opened for a few months now and they operate 24 hours daily. I wonder how I had missed this place as I do drive past this place almost a few times weekly. The staffs were very friendly and I was surprised to see many of my childhood friends here having their lunch and tea time snacks. After having had a casual chat with them, I went up to see what was available. They had rice and curries but it didn't seem very attractive to me. I then ordered myself a cup of Teh Tarik and a plate of Mee Goreng. There's one guy at this restaurant, not sure if he is the owner, who tends to be a little cheeky and kinda forces customers to upgrade their dishes. For example, I ordered a plate of Mee Goreng and he told the guy preparing to make Mee Goreng Ayam instead. I had to stop him then and there and asked him to confirm what I had ordered to which he gave the correct reply. And I just told him to serve me just that. There was also other instances where he was forcing some customers to try out their Samosas. He even went to the extend of just taking a piece and putting it in some customers hand's and pity these young boys, they fell prey and were forced to eventually pay for them. That is an attitude that I hate. Besides this guy, everyone else in the restaurant were very nice and humble. The weather this evening was lovely and I opted to sit outdoors. It was so windy and nice and the view from this restaurant was quite soothing with the hills at the background.  

Beware Of The Guy Fixing The Drinks

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.20

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.20
The guy that fixes the drinks was the guy that very same guy that I had mentioned earlier. From my observation, he was the one preparing the drinks for all customers. Probably one of those with a big mouth and perhaps may have some kind of stake holding in this business. Their Teh Tarik wasn't so great. It was nowhere close to the other Indian Muslim restaurants in town. Slightly watered down and it was a tad too sweet. Didn't like it at all and I would only rate this at 6/10 . Their price however was cheaper than the rest and sadly, so was the quality. As I left later, I did inform the guy fixing the drinks to improve the quality of his drinks first before nosing into other customer's orders. I hope that he did get the message. 

Mee Goreng Prepared Outside

Mee Goreng @ RM 3.50

Mee Goreng @ RM 3.50

Very Spicy

Comes With Lime and some Cucumber Slices
The guy that you see preparing the Mee Goreng was such a wonderful bloke. Very humble and friendly and he was put in charge of the frying. Frying was done outside the restaurant and that's a great move that I welcome. Customers can now sit comfortably indoors without getting smoke into their eyes. A plate of Mee Goreng is priced at RM 3.50 which is the norms all over town.Here, they only do the wet style. If you look at the old school Indian Muslim restaurants in town (which is the majority of them) they all do the authentic dry style but these newer ones (just a handful of them) always serve the wet style. I guess they do not know the 'old school' preparation methods. Nevertheless, I'm fairly certain that there are many that would prefer this over that. The preparation was good, no doubt about that and it was super spicy. The chili paste that he had used had some finely ground anchovies in it thus making the Mee Goreng taste slightly different but surely better. Compared to all the wet style Mee Goreng's in town, this was the best that I have tried but as a matter of preference, I would still prefer the dry style over this. As far as this wet style Mee Goreng preparation is concerned, I would rate this at 8.8/10 .

As I was leaving, I complimented this guy for his delicious preparation. Besides these, they also have Roti Canai, Capati's and all the other commonly available dishes in Indian Muslim restaurants. Perhaps, I should come another day to try their Roti Canai and Capati and of course their curries too. Based on what I tried, 'Yes' to their Mee Goreng and a 'No' to their Teh Tarik.

Address: Taman Malim, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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