Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Indian Restaurant (Indian Unavagam) @ Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

When I mention Indian Restaurants along Jalan Kasipillay, many would think of either Chennai X'press, Shankarees or Tasty Chapati but not many know that there actually is another Indian Restaurant there that goes by the name Indian Restaurant. No kidding! This restaurant came highly recommended by a close friend of mine who is a foodie himself. Being convinced, here I am for lunch today.

Located Further In Jalan Kasipillay

Located In An Office Area

Just after the turning to Jalan Ismail Ghaney

Good Variety Of Dishes

Very Friendly Staffs
Getting to this place is quite simple. Once you turn into Jalan Kasipiliay, keeping driving straight past Shankarees till you reach the turning to Jalan Ismail Ghaney, where the Malaysian Brahmin Association is located. If you look straight, you would be able to see some office blocks in front on your left. This is quite a recently built structure. Keep driving straight and once you come to the entrance turning into this office blocks, you would be able to sight this restaurant. Previously, there used to be another Sri Lankan Restaurant up stairs that goes by the name of Restaurant Surya belonging to the very same management but that is now closed due to lack of support. The signage is still there though. Parking is convenient as there are many bays that are mostly vacant. Only thing would be that you need to ensure that you do not park at those reserved bays. It is just a simple looking no frills Indian Restaurant. They had a good variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and the food looked very good. After having checked out what was available, we then collected our lunch and went over to a table. The staffs then sent us some Rasam and Appalam. I must admit that they were very attentive to customers needs and were serving with a smile. Very friendly too. Keep up the good work guys.

My Lunch @ RM 8.00

My Lunch @ RM 8.00
I had Rice, Mocha Kottai Kulambu, Mocha Kottai and Lady's Finger Perattal, Bitter Gourd Perattal, some Black Pepper Chicken Perattal and a slice of Fried Fish and this was priced at RM 8.00 . My mother had Rice with two veggies, Chicken Perattal with gravy and this was priced at RM 5.50 . And my Father had Rice with three veggies and his meal was priced at RM 4.00 . I would say that it was very reasonable if not cheap. Now, time to enjoy my meal.

Mocha Kottai Kulambu
Their Mocha Kottai Kulambu was simply superb! It was spicy to just the right level, thick gravy, generous amount of spices and came with loads of Mocha Kottai and it was just awesome! One of the best Mocha Kottai Kulambu preparations that I have tasted. I would rate this at 9.5/10 . A highly recommended preparation here!

Bitter Gourd Perattal
Fresh small Bitter Gourd slices were cooked with diced onions, turmeric and chili powder. The Bitter Gourd was fresh and thinly cut to just the perfect cut size. Too thick would have been a put off and so it would have been if it was too thin. Perfect preparation I would say. I would rate this at 8.5/10 .

Mocha Kottai with Lady's Finger
This Mocha Kottai with Lady's Finger was another good one. I think they had also sprinkled some lime to give a zing to it. Not overcooked, still crunchy and they were good. All of us enjoyed this preparation. I would rate this at 9/10 . Recommended!

Carrot with Spices
My Mother had this as one of her veggies and I took a little just to taste it. Another  excellent preparation. Carrots were perfectly cooked with spices. Not too hard and not overcooked. Sweet yet spicy. Delicious! I would rate this at 9/10 . Recommended!

Fried Fish
The Fried Fish here is the thin cuts version. Some many not prefer this as they would prefer juicy thick cut's like how Mathai's does it. I am okay with both styles and therefore enjoyed it. This cut style makes it more crispy rather than juicy. Their marination was excellent as well. I would rate this at 8.8/10 . If you like thin cuts, then this is a must try.

Black Pepper Chicken Perattal
What can I say about this Black Pepper Chicken Perattal. It was simply divine! One of the best that I have tried in Kuala Lumpur. Decent chicken cuts were cooked in such rich Masala making it truly heavenly. I almost licked it clean. That was just how good this was. I would rate this at 10/10 . A highly recommended preparation!

Appalam was decent and not those foldable types. They provided us with three pieces as there were three of us but they obliged when we asked for more.

Rasam was nice but it wasn't lip smacking good like the others. Can definitely be better with some mild improvisation. I would rate this at 7/10 . 

Us Enjoying Our Lunch

Bill For The Day
Overall, we were all very happy with the food here. Winners would be their Mocha Kottai Kulambu, Black Pepper Chicken Perattal, Mocha Kottai with Lady's Finger Perattal and their Carrot Masala. The rest were nice too but these really stood out. I am very happy that I came here this afternoon and a very big Thank You to my friend Mr. Joseph Chin who had introduced me to this restaurant. Some excellent dishes, very reasonable prices, amazing staffs and ample of parking spaces. Simply the perfect place for lunch on weekdays if you are in the mood for some good Indian food around Ipoh Road. 

Address: Unit D-021, Jalan Kasipillay, Off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Jalan Ipoh),
                51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0630 - 2230 Daily

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